The Old’s Old Records: Gustav Holst’s The Planets, PiL’s Greatest Hits So Far, Hound Dog Taylor’s Beware Of The Dog, Pink Floyd’s The Wall & Final Cut

OK, something different for this Thursday morning! So the old’s are my mother and father, off course and I do have what is left of their old record collection plus seems we are all staying at home right now, it might be a good time listen to all these?

I’m borrowing/stealing this cool idea from a blog/blogger: Bitchfork subtitled still not as bitchy as Pitchfork, which is funny/true! Bitchfork is linked here and her name is Keelin Billue who’s writing/blogging from Chicago. It’s called Vinyl Days so I’ve re-named my inspired post but here’s the last Vinyl Days post linked here or the tag linked here, please do check out Bitchfork blog because she’s got great taste in music and total wicked blogger!

A little background to begin: all these are begin pulled out of a big purple painted wooden box in the corner of my living room, straight under my air-con and in between a couple of windows but out of the sunlight because records do melt in summer in Australia, you know? I do NOT have all their old records thanks to an ex-gf who when we just broken-up and I was out of home, she give the rest of them away or just bin them because she told me after doing that “I didn’t think you wanted them” which I reply “you did fucking what?” so she kicks hit off again and I just wanted to know were all my records where? I guess, in hindsight she did this just toooooo totalllly pissss meeee offff!!!

The first five old records start with is The Wall by Pink Floyd which I think needs no intro. Late-70’s double album epic which my fave song would be Comfortably Numb also somehow I did play side 4 before side 3? As a teenager I did love PF so much, most likely the main very old band that crossed over to me:

Next is Pink Floyd‘s The Final Cut which is early-80’s pretty shit album, the leader Roger Waters broken-up the band after this but the rest of them taken that as he quit them and they then continue without him. I would say the song called Not Now John is the best or I liked better than all the others:

BTW I had to put on their Animals album of 1977 because that’s fave Roger Waters era Pink Floyd, have I say that before but that’s not on old vinyl!

This is the closest to punk or post-punk my old hippie folks got! So for me it’s all down hill from now on, you know? I have no idea why and how Pubic Image Ltd. got into this collection? Maybe, it’s because Aussie artist/muso Reg Mombassa does the cover artwork and they were thinking they were buying a Metal As Anything album, that’s an 80’s Aussie band if you don’t know? But I remember nicking it into my own room but I should say, I taped everything on too cassette tapes because records were for old farts! I’m so far from the greatest vinyl fan, you should know at this point! Then after tapes I when to CD’s which I know both formats are NOT as cool as vinyl is right now. Anyway here’s Death Disco:

Reading into all these albums lyrics, the most C-19 line is by Mr. Lydon closing track Don’t Ask Me: “there’s no more toilet paper” plus thinking about a little more my Mum might have used this song in her dance class/show once, please see a bit down for more info!

Side note: John Lydon in Sex Pistols wearing I Hate Pink Floyd t-shirt!

So the next couple really do sum-up both of my old’s! Here’s my Dad’s one and first of some blues-rock stuff in this collection. Hound Dog Taylor‘s Beware Of The Dog is a live album recorded in 1974, HDT died in Dec. 1975. Let’s listen to Let’s Get Funky:

Some years later one of my fave Aussie pub-punk bands called Beasts Of Bourbon covered the same song:

Here’s Mum’s one now, I’ve already ask her about it and this was for dance class. She was a after school dance teacher, oh yeah she work in a couple of schools too but it was for little kids, teenagers to even some adults too. This was pretend you are in out space ballet or something? Here’s Gustav Holst‘s The Planets opening track Mars:

Pluto is my fave planet but it seems in 1981, the copyright date of that record Pluto didn’t get a track on this album. I still call Pluto a planet even if it’s not, it was de-classifieds in 2006 to dwarf planet. Some reasons is given for this but who cares, here’s Aussie indie rock band The Fauves of just last year doing a song called Pluto Is No Longer A Planet:

Sorry about getting a bit side track at times, I will try and focus next time or maybe I’ll not?

This is what that old record The Plants looks like!

Cheers! 🙂


    1. Oh well, Taylor is the song’s songwriter but i guess that is a live version but he’s very cool! At the end of side one he’s talking to the crowd and say “they’re taking a short break because he’s gotta see a man about buying a race horse!” 🙂

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