Live Gigs: Faith No More 95 & 97 @ Perth Entertainment Centre

Changing it up again from Friday morning blog post! Here’s one of my fave bands of my teenage years and when I got to see them live not once but twice back in the 90’s! I think, I was calling these flashback gigs or something? Because it seems like every gig/show been canned across the world because of C-19 let’s go back to yet another flashback gig blog post today!

This is also the fourth and fifth Perth Entertainment Centre gigs I’ve blogged about which the other ones I posted late last year, I think I’ll say right now and remind all readers these five would be my top 5 shows at that venue, OK? Any huge act that toured Australia and then did come to Perth W.A. would have played it and I did see some of them but this is the last one, for now. I think, FNM would be the best and I’ll say number 1 and 2 gigs there because I got to see them twice in the 90’s and another reason why they’re a fave band of that time. Radiohead, Metallica and Depeche Mode would be around about my top 5 gigs there and yeah, those three all only toured once back then!

The shows were amazing wicked but I do remember, I did meet keyboard player of the band Roddy at the back stage door in 95. Before the gig started because I came up from down south on the bus that day and stopped at the venue in the middle of the day because it’s next door to the bus port in this city. I only had a backpack and didn’t think I would met anyone or see everything at all but a few other fans had been waiting with posters etc. to sign so I just pulled out Black Spring by Henry Miller and Mr. Roswell Christopher “Roddy” Bottum did stop and talk about Miller when he seen it for longer than he would have if he didn’t, I think? Both times I got my tickets so early I was in the mosh pit going totally mad! Embedding just some of songs they played twice at both shows at the top of the post plus included Last Cup of Sorrow, I think my fave from that final 90’s album. The couple of setlists in full are just below too!

Setlist on Thursday August 17th 1995 @ Perth Entertainment Centre:

The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
Surprise! You’re Dead!
We Care A Lot
Easy (Commodores cover)
Introduce Yourself
Get Out
King For A Day
Caralho Voador
Digging The Grave
Just A Man
Take This Bottle
Death March
Encore: Glory Box (Portishead cover)

Setlist on Saturday November 1st 1997 @ Perth Entertainment Centre:

Midnight Cowboy (John Barry cover)
Midlife Crisis
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
Get Out
Easy (Commodores cover)
Ashes to Ashes
Last Cup of Sorrow
Introduce Yourself
Home Sick Home
Naked in Front of the Computer
Be Aggressive
Death March
Just a Man
Encore #1: This Guy’s in Love With You (Burt Bacharach cover)
Encore #2: Stripsearch
Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)

B&W flyer/poster for the 95 tour!


FNM 2020 live reunion tour of Australia has been postponed, it’s supposed to be starting in May but now it’s March 2021 which something to look forward too but seems a very, very longtime away!

I might, next try and remember some more flashback gigs I got to see live but when I lived for around six months in Sydney, New South Wales in the mid 90’s next sometime sooner or later, OK?

Cheers! 🙂


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