Song of the Day: After The Fireworks by Toff Monks

So what song is the only one to have The Birthday Party’s Nick Cave on vocal, The Go-Betweens’ Grant McLennen, Robert Forster and The Birthday Party’s Rowland S. Howard all on guitars, The Go-Betweens’ Lindy Morrison on drums and The Birthday Party’s Mick Harvey on piano? This one, entitled After The Fireworks by Toff Monks or two if you count the kind-of vague remix by someone called Mark Nuttney on B-side entitled After, After the Fireworks. I guess, it’s more The Birthday Party than The Go-Betweens but the songwriting credit goes to McLennan & Forster. My mind just boggles thinking about all of them in the same room playing/recording this track! It was 1982, what a year from post-punk stuff!

 Both are on YouTube so embedding them here: side A at the top and side B just below. I’ve already shared in my SOTD posts the Rowland S. Howard pre-The Boys Next Doors/The Birthday Party band linked here, if you missed that one? Well, I did included everything I could find on YouTube including the earliest couple of recordings ever of his cult classic hit Shivers with Howard himself on vox, if you’ve never heard it? I’m also linking here a great interview of Grant McLennen and Nick Cave together in the early 90’s but still can’t find any photos of any of them together!


The back of the 7″ single!
The front cover the 7″ single because they’re zero photos of any of them together!

Cheers! 🙂


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