Song of the Day: After Dark by Kylie Minogue

This Sunday morning is first totally pop music track for my SOTD posts today, lucky everyone out there! It’s an album track and non-single so you might not even know it? I’m going to included some of my all-time fave pop, I guess some would call it guilty pleasure? I don’t hide-away enjoying some pop music or mainstream stuff but because millions do love it, I think I don’t really need to blog about it that much!

Thinking live shows, it was really great to see Kylie M live at Glasto finally, not that I was there but watched it online then. Even playing in the middle of the day and NOT headlining like she should have! But even more telling the follow week, guess who was back at number one on the UK charts? I think, I have blogged about KM before and even saying Body Language of 2003 which this cut is from that album is my all-time fave Minogue album, check it out if you have or haven’t listen to it?

I guess, KM of this time is her doing her best Bridget Bardot!

Cheers! 🙂



    1. Well, I’m listening to Yoko Ono early 70’s solo albums right now, if you wanna know? Maybe not but I’m saying that because I don’t know how to answer that! Kylie would get bonus points because she’s the Aussie, in blogging i did post Madonna top ten tracks when i was doing that but didn’t do Kylie TTT post but then she got an album in my classic albums list but Madonna didn’t! Kylie’s got 1st SOTD yesterday but i guess, i will post Madonna sometime? I think, Ray Of Light was by far her best album or the one i enjoy the most which i still have that on CD but a lot would say that, i guess? I have both Body L and Fever albums by Kylie, i might have other stuff like singles too by both somewhere but those 3 are the albums I’ve got. Madonna might have lost the plot lately, if you believe some of those stories? Kylie is still doing her thing well or maybe just growing older or aging better! Not that i could name any songs from last albums by both of them, i guess? Madonna never sung with Nick Cave so she would loses points for that, Kylie’s manger did turned down her working with Prince but Madonna did do something with him but wasn’t a duet! maybe could go on but what does that all add up tooo because I’ve lost count? Sorry that’s very long reply but how about you, who do you think the best? 🙂

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      1. Yoko Ono’s solo albums, I think I would like to know more about them, I don’t know much about her work really. I agree with you would say that Kylie has aged better than Madonna, she has allowed herself to be her age rather than trying to be eternally young like Madonna which can be rather cringey. I never knew that Prince and Madonna did a collaboration, now I am definitely going to have a hunt around to listen to that! I loved the Ray of Light album by Madonna too, favourite Madonna song is Live to Tell. I think possibly I like Madonna more, but how she was in the 80’s and 90’s, classic era Madonna. I wonder if today’s pop stars will ever hold a candle to these two, my guess would be no…there just isn’t the same love for them. I really think it was MTV that made all of these pop stars super famous, when it died…pop stars died too, just an idea I have. I hope you are doing well William, take care of yourself and stay cosy. 🙂

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      2. Fair call but i never really watched MTV because i grew-up in a small country town so we only had 2 tv stations but loved ABC late-night tv RAGE! show but we’ll talked about that before, haven’t we?
        So that’s my Macdonna, as i like to called her sometimes! TTT post of couple a years ago, you might wanna check out? Well, you most likely know all the Madonna/Prince songs, according to Wikipedia: Prince played the guitar on three songs “Like a Prayer”, “Keep It Together”, and “Act of Contrition”, though he remained uncredited but the main song with songwriting credits they did together is the track “Love Song” which the song was even recorded at Prince’s Studio in Paisley Park. Like A Prayer album was maybe her greatest 80’s, what do you think?
        I’m doing OK, how about you? Staying safe and everything? 🙂


      3. Oh yeah, i would highly reco Yoko Ono 1971 album entitled Fly but almost everyone on earth hate this album. i really do love it for maybe all same reasons everyone else hates it so much, like title track is her all by herself just screaming for 20mins non-stop, how could i not totally love that? i could just listen to that forever, it’s unbelievably wicked! check it out and see what you think, please do let me know too? 🙂


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