Song of the Day: Abominations by Morbid Angel

This Monday morning is going to be some old school death metal for everyone who wants it? With the band Morbid Angel of Tampa, Florida from their classic second album masterpiece Blessed Are the Sick of 1991. Might seem to some like a bad choice in these current times we are dealing with but to some like myself metal is always comfort listening in hard or bad times so I’ve been listening to some. Then because I realised I’ve never post about this band so I am right now!

Back tracking again in my alphabet order to Ab… something with track number ten from that album with song entitled Abominations before even more songs starting with After something titles. We are all reading all sorts of meanings in songs about this corona pandemic but metal bands might just have the best because they’re always so doom and gloom. I don’t when was the last time listen to them? But found out almost all of the one of the greatest English record label of 80’s/90’s metal of all kinds and who still putting new metal too is on bandcamp website. Earache Records is linked here with even has old John Peel sessions too, remember how Peel loved his bloody metal too? I guess, it’s not for everyone but who else out there loves some Metal?

MA wearing all black in promo photo of early 90’s wickedest!

Cheers! 🙂

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