The Old’s Old Records: Janis Joplin’s Pearl, Singin’ In The Rain soundtrack, Men At Work’s Business As Usual & Santana’s Self-titled

Here’s the next four in this collection which are a couple of hippie albums, 50’s musical and 80’s Aussie one hit wonders! Keelin @ Bicthfork is now up to her vinyl day nine, linked here but it’s only second one by me this Wednesday morning:

 Business As Usual by Men At Work is the very first Aussie album here, my parents are a little more mainstream in Aussie music than me which might be a good thing for some listeners/readers? At least everyone should know them and I wouldn’t need to go into details who the hell they’re? In Australia they did have more than one hit but everyone oversea’s with only know Down Under song but I’m picking opening track Who Can It Be Now? 

Singer-songwriter Colin Hay total wins the most C-19 lyrics today with Who Can It Be Now? A lot or almost all the words if you listen closely can be applied tooo the shit storm we are currently riding! BTW I think, my Mum did used Down Under song for her dance class/show? So just like Triple J radio listeners voting for music in the Hottest 100 her kids loved dancing to want I would call novelty songs. I remember, even when I was younger I joked that all she used were awful music but then one end of show she used my bloody music! I think, most peeps sitting in the crowd that year would called it all awful music back then? Normally she would steal some of my indie music to used in classes warm-ups because it had a good beat or something? I did blog about her dance show a couple of years ago, here’s want songs she picked of my mainly indie 90’s stuff linked here if you wanna look/listen to that tooo?

So I’m getting a little side track already but trying to focus! Next is Santana‘s Self-titled of 1969 which is their debut record but in 1971 their had second Self-titled album just to be confusing, you know? Anyway this is basically spaced out hippies jamming with half of it is instrumental music but is really not too bad, picking Evil Ways:

The Singin’ In The Rain soundtrack with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds etc. of 1952. I really can’t say I’m a big fan of Hollywood musicals at all! Opening and title track might be the only song I and maybe everyone else knows well but it’s for good reason. I didn’t think it would ever rain here in Perfffff again but it did the other night so I really should have gone outside to celebrate like this:

I think, I’ve save the very best for last in this small pile of music which is Janis Joplin with her full tilt boogie band’s Pearl of 1971. I do know, I really bitch and moan about pretty much all hippie music on my blog but this is pretty wicked great but she/them has to be one of the very greatest! She can sing like a motherfucker, can’t she? So here’s A Woman Left Lonely:

Do you want to say or share anything about these albums too?

I’ve never blogged about this Aussie band/album and most likely never will again but here’s the album cover!

Cheers! 🙂


    1. OK, it seems Men At Work are even more well-known than i was thinking! looking it up right now, the USA got a yellow not white album cover, is that like yours? Cheers mate! 🙂

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      1. Well, they were huge here too but i was told they never made it oversea, that’s all lies but maybe that was England? Maybe not! Glad you clear that up and cheers yet again! 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on Bitchfork and commented:
    My friend William has posted the latest from his vinyl collection. I really appreciate the Men at Work. In the U.S., most of us are familiar with “Who Can It Be Now?”, and I will be singing it for the rest of the day. 🙂

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  2. Yes I agree with that assessment of Joplin…she has a mammoth voice, it gets me right in the heart every time, that album Pearl is classic too…yeah there are some classic hippie albums as you say. I would rate Mammas and the Pappas too…corney but good what do u reckon or is that too hippie for you? Right now listening to Mall Grab (Australian producer) doing an isolation set from his lounge room, there is something profoundly conforting about it, not sure why? take care mate.

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    1. Oh yeah, sorry about calling them all bloody hippies! might offend some, I’m really saying it in a the nicest way and it’s really just a bit of a joke but i guess, as even a little kid listening 2 this stuff playing back then i was devolving my own taste and like most punks/indie types we can’t help to just bag out what come before!
      i remember Californian Dreamin’ was used in that funny 90’s or was it 2000’s Aussie movie which i still have that soundtrack on CD but i don’t think they’re are on vinyl in this collection?
      i haven’t really check any of these live-streams, are they any good? 🙂


      1. It’s all good mate hehe….my parents were of that generation too and they listen to a lot of thar music, some is great, some is a bit cringey. If I compare to a lot of modern music it is incredible though, really far more complex and creative. I don’t know this Aussie film you mean. Yeah the live streams are really good, but only if you like the techno doof doof…love that stuff hehe. Hope you have a good week, take care

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      2. Oh yeah, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand was a 2001 Australian comedy-drama film starring Noah Taylor and directed by Richard Lowenstein. Take care of yourself too! 🙂


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