What I’ve Been Listening To In Apr. 2020

I’m back today after taking sometime off blogging the last couple of weeks! Anyway here’s my few highlights of the last few weeks of some new music plus a few live recording type of things too! I’m sharing with you right now, whenever you’re looking at it?

Fetch The Bolt Cutters by Fiona Apple after eight years wait she released her new album in the middle of a worldwide pandemic! Apple’s album number five she totally out does herself. I think, my fave track is Under The Table but almost everyone else has already say it’s early contender for album of the year. So you most likely don’t need me to tell you to listen too it but if somehow you’ve not yet? Please drop whatever you’re doing and listen tooo it right now:

Ten Grand Goldie by Einstürzende Neubauten yet another comeback of 2020 are these Germans with first song/video of brand new album entitled Alles in Allem with it’s release date is on 15th May 2020, I can’t wait:

necroscape by tetema is yet another Mike Patton project, second album by them which he’s co-writing it with an Aussie movie composer Anthony Pateras but adding two new more members since the debut a few years ago. The closing song Funerale Di Un Contadino drives deep into the film thing because it’s old 70’s Ennio Morricone track which MP sings in Italian too but I think, my fave is maybe Dead Still or Wait Till Mornin’:     

Feral by RVG is the second album by them and they’re yet another Melbourne band I dig. So if you are interested but never heard of them it stands for Romy Vager Group and I was supposed to see them three times over the last few months supporting both Pixies and Faith No More tours plus they own show at Mojo’s bar which off course all have been postponed because of… you know why! Christian Neurosurgeon is pure genius songwriting and my fave track:

Delusions (split tape) by Ov Pain & Quell this makes three months in a row I’ve featured Ov Pain which the last couple of times was catching up on releases of last year but here’s a new long song for 2020. Ov Pain are Melbourne based duo but are from Dunedin, NZ. I think, Quell are yet another Melbourne act which I need to find out more about?

Space Goretex by Kool Keith x Thetan one of my fave rappers Kool Keith is back again, this time he’s joined by drum bass punk rock duo called Thetan which are from Nashville, Tennessee. If you’ll wanna to know the song I dig the most is Bad Dreams:

It Is What It Is by Thundercat is his fourth album which does have a huge all-star guest list on it too! I do really enjoy one of the lead single/video Dragonball Durag but I think, now I enjoy the most the closing title track:

Chunky Shrapnel by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard so starts a pile of live albums I’ve got here! It was back in Jan. 2020 when King Gizz dropped three download/stream live albums but here’s what they were working on, I guess? You can hold in your hands too, well if it doesn’t keep selling out but I guess, they will repress it again and again? Also to go with the film tour doco of the same name:

LIVE Vol. 2 Spanish Club Melbourne March 4th 2006 by The Drones the first of three live recordings of Gaz and Fi of Tropical Fuck Storm old band The Drones which this was put up so late in March I missed including in my post end of last month. I did totally love The Drones live so I’m going to feature all three here today. If your new to them? I’ll give little intro from long time fan, me! This show has previously NOT been released before with shit-hot versions of This Time, The Best You Can Believe In and the closing Chuck Berry’s cover The Downbound Train that goes into something called Rui’s Montreux which a lot or maybe all gigs I’d seen of them back in the day turned into feedback noisy outro’s like this:

LIVE Vol. 3 2004​-​2008 by The Drones next is a whole pile of stuff of all sorts of places, if you are a long time fan of The Drones some of this stuff has been released before but some are very long lost gems which can be found again. My faves is the very rare From Black To Communist song, couple of covers of Hendrix’s Manic Depression aka Happiest Within, Beasts Of Bourbons’ Words From A Woman To Her Man and then epic Sixteen Straws song but tagged on the end, that radio interview is a bit pointless:

LIVE Vol. 4 2009​-​2012 by The Drones Brisbane show is from actually 2008 so it’s got the wrong date as the album title also Sixteen Straws from just above is from the very same gig too, you know? Anyway the cover of Kev Carmody’s River Of Tears is bloody unbelievable, I really love Oh My acoustic version and that Jezebel is sooooo wicked but the Dan L and Gaz Radio Idents are them just being totally silly idiots:

Suburbiopia b​/​w This Perfect Day by Tropical Fuck Storm I did share the A-side when it was first put out last month sometime, you might have missed it then? But here’s also the B-side cover of 70’s Aussie punks The Saints with Amyl and the Sniffers singer on lead vox plus it’s Sean Powell from American indie rockers Surfboat on drums too because TFS drummer Laura Hammer wasn’t there, at the time of recording it was when bush-fires were raging in Australia earlier this year. Both TFS’s Gareth L and Erica D plays guitars, Fiona K on bass which Amyl nicknamed them sNIFFsURFsTORM. On Suburbiopia it’s Fi on lead vox, Sean plays drums again also Dan Kelly does join them playing Protech Kinder Keyboard plus the credits does say GL Programs Beats on the A-side too:

Seems I’m now onto covers because I can’t help myself! Here’s Gareth Liddiard singing/playing live with The Triffids a few years ago. Only found this footage this month, stuff I find on youtube when you have too #StayHome. Some listeners/followers might enjoy these tracks? Because it’s Lonely Stretch and Stolen Property which are both original from the 1986’s Born Sandy Devotional album:

Off course, I’ve been watching Bad Seed Teevee too. I really dig the very rare stuff so look out for Ghosteen‘s Galleon Ship recording vocals which seems to be shot on a mobile phone, Skeleton Tree‘s Girl In Amber played in the back of a car by just Nick with Warren Ellis and then the long jam which NC say’s “it’s Marty’s Song” because it’s his bass riff at the very start. This includes some lyrics but not all words of previous unrecorded Kiss of the Spider Woman pretty early and by the almost end he’s using the line which ended up on Night Raid track from Ghosteen but it’s filmed/recorded at the time of One More Time With Feeling doco of 2016:

That’s my top 15 things from this month I’m sharing with you!

Well, it’s just gotta be FA for my album of this month!

Cheers! 🙂


    1. i don’t know if it’s much of a review here above but it proves she’s still a genius and I’m just loving it so much! What do your think? got a fave song yet?
      I’ve missed your blog posts too! 🙂


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