The Old’s Old Records: Buddy Holly’s Hits, Gondwanaland’s Let The Dog Out, Terra Incognita & Self-titled

OK, so normally I post in the morning but here’s something way out different today, afternoon blog posting! But it might not be your arvo when you see it, I guess? Could be your morning where you are right now? Anyway here’s part four of this set and the next four out of the big old purple box are three from pretty obscure Aussie 80’s act and a very well-known 50’s rocker and roller!

So it seem I didn’t even know how very popular Men At Work were or are oversea? But tell me again, if I’m wrong here but this band called Gondwanaland is still pretty unknown? Wikipedia tells me in 1988 they won AIRA award, that’s like the Aussie’s Grammy’s which really means fuck-all nothing! Winning for ‘Best Indigenous Release’ category and then checking them out on discogs website: “Australian world music group formed in 1981, featuring an unlikely combination of didgeridoo, synth and electric keyboards.” Yeah, mainly no vocals so instrumental act and I’m listening to all three albums here in Mum & Dad’s collection but they do seem to have a few more albums, you know?

Let The Dog Out was part recorded in 1985 live and then some of it on here is re-recorded in 1987. Once again I’m just picking one track per album for this blog post but this is pretty cool music and maybe you might want to check out the whole album/s if you need something kind-of sometimes chilled but sometimes a bit funky too? This song is called Emu:

Terra Incognita was from 1984 but this a re-pressing of 1988 with one re-recorded song from 1987, on the major label WEA which is basically Warner Bros. Australia. They seemed were on indie label but around this time they signed to this label. OK, that song Emu from just above is also the opening track on this album too. Here’s one called Eye In The Sky:

Self-titled is also from 1987/8 too, no date on this copy and depending where I look online it’s release in both those years, go figure? Here they do add vocals on some tracks but I think I enjoy the instrumental stuff much better. So gotta ask anyone/everyone do you know this band? I can’t remember anyone else blogging about them but who knows, if I don’t ask? Not much is online about them, at all because I’ve looked this time. Anyway one last song I’m sharing by them is called Swamp:

Buddy Holly‘s record full title is The Original Hits: True Love Ways with the price tag of $5.00 still on the top right hand side corner of the front cover. I don’t need to tell you who BH is, right? What’s your fave Buddy track? I think, my fave song by him is Not Fade Away:

I’ve deliberate NOT included any 60’s/70’s records this time because well, you’ll see the reason very soon in the next couple or few days! BTW while in my couple of weeks blogging break, I’ve got out my couple of boxes of my own very old cassette tapes from upstairs! Which might be yet other crazy idea for coming soon blog posts, who digs that idea?

Has anyone out there ever heard of this Aussie band’s records?

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Love anything with digeridoo in it, it’s very hypnotic, spiritual and beautiful. I have never heard of Gondwanaland but I like it, sounds like a cool 80s ambient band with digeridoo in there, just very cool! 😊

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  2. I was not familiar with Gondwanaland either. I doubt they ever became popular in the U.S. I’ve never been a huge Buddy Holly fan, though I do like some of his songs. My favorite is probably “That’ll Be The Day”.

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  3. Buddy Holly was the first Cult of my youth because he was dead when I discovered his music. “Rave on” was the first relict of days before my birth. “It doesn’t matter anymore” blast me away and is a fav song too. But the very best song with the most important songline of all time too me is “learning the game”. I was listening to a Leo Kottke Record with this one on it and I thought “That sounds like Buddy, isn’t it?” Reading the credits on the cover: Komposition B.Holly. After the wallfall I was searching for a Buddy Holly Compilation, but not without “learning the game”! And I got one.

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