Song of the Day: Agent Orange by Tori Amos

OK, this could be the shortest song I’ve had in my SOTD posts? So far but should double check that, nope I’m not doing that! I was trying to do a very short post to go with it today but I do rabbit on, hop-hop too much! Anyway I’ve gotta post it here even if it’s so short, I could very easy or should I just say right now will mostly likely included every single song from Amos’ album of 1996 in these SOTD posts! So that album, if you need reminding? Was entitled Boys for Pele. It was her third studio album which did have the hit single Caught a Lite Sneeze but it ended up the remix was way more popular that the album version. Had all sorts of odd weird instruments like harpsichord, clavichord, harmonium, gospel choirs, brass bands and also huge orchestras. Plus 18 songs were on this album, this one I’m blogging about today is number 14 in the track listing. Got to be my fave Tori album, what about you? Do you have a fave TA album? Maybe, you are not a fan? So have a listen if you’ve not heard it yet? Maybe, listen to it again if you have! Maybe, by itself or out of context of the whole album this tiny song makes little sense? Anyway this is the only “Agent” song title, it’s the first color but Mrs. Amos’ is cheating because it’s the second word of the song title and it’s pointless saying it’s her first in SOTD posts, right? I should stop typing that on every single post, hey? The Agent Orange lyrics are:

Gotta tell you what I heard
From agent orange
Mister suntan
Mister happy man
Mister I know the girls on all the world tours
Mister agent, yeah
He’s my favorite
And they don’t understand
He’s got palm oil pants
Yes, he’s down and there and everywhere
He’s getting in too deep in this
Underwater city where she swims and swims

Here’s the deluxe edition of the album which now is two and half hours long with 39 songs:


TA standing in front of a burning piano and firetruck in the 90’s!

Cheers! 🙂


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