Song of the Day: Aggressive Perfector by Slayer

Did you know early Slayer albums are on Bandcamp? That’s the first two “live” releases in/on one! So the first seven tracks are from Live Undead recorded in New York City ending with Aggressive Perfector and then the last four songs are from Haunting the Chapel in Los Angeles which again ends with Aggressive Perfector. Or I could just say both end with Aggressive Perfector. Both these were released in 1984 and the “live” bit has been questioned? I guess, I think the band themselves means recorded live by four guys standing in some room together, maybe not live in front of a crowd? Maybe, the overdubbed live crowd is a bit pointless? But it was 1984, you know? Anyway all these versions, some songs pervious on the debut album Show No Mercy are better here on it or even faster and just more insane! Making the main point is Slayer are/were always better “live”! Off course, you can play one or both or just listen to the whole thing? Sometimes a remixed version of Aggressive Perfector can be found as the last song as bonus track on 1986’s Reign In Blood album tooo! Turn it right up, rises your devil- horns fist above your head-banging head for this Saturday morning! That’s today’s blog post, if anyone cares? The lyrics are:

Follow me, I’ll lead the way, your fears will soon overtake
Hide your infinite tears inside, it seeks your smallest break
Screaming as if nothing helps, you press on to survive
Playing out the fantasies of a force that keeps you alive
He’ll have you down on your knees
You play his fatal game
He’ll satisfy your every need
You’ll never be the same
Take my hand, I’ll show you how,
You’ve just one life to live
The road you’re on goes straight to hell,
Your life is yours to give
His fantasies of all of you are much too great to see
This world your living is so unreal, perfected just for me
He’ll have you down on your knees
You play his fatal game
He’ll satisfy your every need
You’ll never be the same

The early years photos in four squares with the band name in the middle, as you can see! 

Cheers! 🙂


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