1001 Albums Book: 2010

Told you more year 2010 was coming very soon! It was only last Tuesday’s morning I did post my last 1001 too, you know? I’ve be very, very quick this time around but this year has only half-a-dozen you must listen too! Also this post concludes all the 2010’s from this book but my copy only goes up to 2016, you know? Off course, it was pretty easy compared to my last 1001 post of year 1969 which was very hard going at times! So adding a few more songs to my playlist which I only post here on my blog yesterday. When I’ve done my yearly playlists and then or the 1001 posts they have been so far apart it was pretty great having them so close together! Thanks to Dave who’s not a blogger but someone who comments once in a while, cheers for asking/saying to do 2010 next, great idea mate! It’s only six albums according to this book/list you need to listen too before the world implodes and everyone dies so have you heard these ones? Most likely but got to ask?

Teen Dream by Beach House I never really got into them but can see/hear why a lot do love them so much, I’m choosing/adding Norway for 34.

Brothers by The Black Keys * I think, I’ll included the non-single/album track Unknown Brother at 35. I did loved this at the time but it’s been a very long time since listening to it.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West * before he was a born again christian and Trump supporter/voter he was just a rapper, remember that? You might even know this one? I’m picking Runaway for 36. Once again it’s been a long while since listening to this one too.

Queen Of Denmark by John Grant * I totally love JG, still listen to him all the time and couldn’t help myself too included Marz on Sunday’s yearly playlist of 2010 post, kind-of can lead into today’s post so Marz was 33 and this and well, all his albums are also on Bandcamp. Have a listen to it, if you’ve heard it before or not?

The ArchAndriod by Janelle Monáe I guess, it’s mainly indie rock here for 2010 in this book/list but this would be the pop album and I guess, it’s pretty cool for what it is and Tightrope can be 37.

Halcyon Digest by Deerhunter * I think, I’ll included non-single/album track Don’t Cry as 38 the closing song on my playlist above and nope, it’s not a Guns N’ Roses cover too!

* I still have these four on CD! So let’s see if I can do a few more 1001 years/posts before I get totally bored by this book and stop again? I will keep doing the something zero years and I’ll say at the moment I will just jump backwards ten years to year 2000 for my next 1001 post, OK?

Gotta be this JG’s album as my fave of these half-a-dozen!

Asking again, what’s missing? Or what is your fave album/s of this year?

Cheers! 🙂


      1. I love that album cover of theirs with the mountain dressed in a tuxedo, it is very weird but funny haha. No haven’t heard it but will give it a listen now 🎶😊 Yeah still got a job, able to work from home…things are alright, a bit weird the lockdown but it has become the new normal, what about you? take care 😊

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      2. Oh yeah, i guess they do have a VU vibe so that makes the singer-songwriter Craig Dermody kind-of an Aussie Lou Reed, i think he would like that idea! What i know about them it’s kind-of more his solo project but goes under that name and bring in diff players when recording or playing live, that album is called Para Vista Social Club which has Jarrod Quarrell of Lost Animal and St. Helens on bass too! Oh yeah, he does all the albums front cover too! 🙂

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