Song of the Day: Ah Pook by William S. Burroughs

My Sunday morning post you can’t really call him a singer but I guess, a spoken word artist is what he’s filed under when it comes to music? It was always interesting how he converted his books, stories, writings into recordings or music. I have two versions today of I guess, this is a lesser well known part of one of his novels but really love this one and could be a good intro to his stuff, if you never heard him before? Has anyone not heard him yet?

Ah Pook Is The Mayan God Of Death from 1998’s The Best Of William Burroughs From Giorno Poetry Systems 4 CD box-set. My copy is pink not blue like the picture embedded below, is a much earlier live reading but was at that time previously unreleased, it’s 12 and half mins. long:

Next is from 1990’s Dead City Radio album with the full title on it is: Ah Pook The Destroyer / Brion Gysin’s All-Purpose Bedtime Story with John Cale playing along and much shorter at nearly 3 mins:

Which was later expand to just over 6 minutes and made into a short animation by Philip Hunt:

So that’s my one and only Ah… something song/post I’ve chosen too, if you wanna know? I’m slowly getting through the alphabet, if that’s just counting the second letter after the A!

WSB is lighting a cigarette!

Cheers! 🙂



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