Song of the Day: A.I.A.O. by Fia Fiell

So back to Australia today and an artist you’ve most likely never heard of but come on everyone out there, hit play and try something different today! It’s a nice mellow Monday morning music too, if you give it a go? I’ll had her on my blog before but with pile of others and I think, needs a post all for herself now! Her real name is Carolyn Schofield and yet another Melbourne artist I’m in love with! It’s the opening song on her debut release of 2016 entitled A Hair, A Heap. I think you would call it? An EP because it’s five tracks. Also I’m back onto bandcamp player and I’m including the whole thing because if you embedding streaming player it just plays the next song and so on which is not really something to complain about! I might as well, while I’m doing this post for this artist she in 2018 did released her debut eight track album entitled All In The Same Room:

So if you want ever more? I’ve kept a keen eye out for more of her stuff so including VA comps she been on because well, I sometimes/always go over the top! Call it a lot of bonus songs which are whole albums! Track number seven is Middle Path on this brand new of just last week named Solitary Wave (In):

Early 2020 LIMBS – for Wildlife was released with track number fourteen Valve:

In 2019 FF had the opening song called Ladder on Smooth Sensation:

Back in 2017 on Domestic Documents Vol. 2 had the second song Caju:

All these are wicked and very chilled comps too, if you need some of that today or this week? Here’s her fb page, linked here too!

Fia Fiell does really like/love blue!ย 

Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚


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