Live Gigs: ATP 2009 Curated by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ Cockatoo Island


So here’s part two following on from yesterday’s post. We are now traveling north from Mount Buller Ski Resort in Victoria to Cockatoo Island in New South Wales which is somewhere in the middle of Sydney Harbor? Part three is coming tomorrow morning! Something to look forward too, maybe or not?

NC with promoter Barry Hogan doing some PR on Cockatoo Island before all this taken place!

Below are even more live clips as found on YouTube and also this post some albums by the acts that you can stream on spotify. Worth to note before going further the great Aussie indie rock legends Hoss is not on Bandcamp or Spotify, lucky I’ve still got them on CD pity if you don’t? The Neck new album at this point was Silverwater seems to be missing too, got that on CD too! Hunter Dienna was the most newish act on the line-up who just had released an EP but I can’t find it anywhere online and didn’t seem to do anything after this. Conway Savage’s solo albums are missing as well, him and The Necks are on YouTube but I know Hoss doesn’t have much on that too! Everyone else is pretty easy to find on Bandcamp or those other ones. That’s another reason for two posts, just to see what’s on what site? Does anyone else care? Anyway here’s the playing time as still listed on the very old ATP website, it does have links to all the artist’s myspace pages! So it’s in a different order, minus some acts on the hill in Victoria. The second day all the same bands/artists, I’m pretty sure all just played in the very same order:

At the Foundry Stage on Sat 17th Jan.
12:15 Bridezilla

13:30 Hoss
14:45 Dead Meadow

16:00 Laughing Clowns

17:15 Spiritualized

18:45 The Saints

20:15 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

22:15 The Reels

At the Shipbuilder Stage on Sat 17th Jan.
11:45 The Stabs

13:00 Afrirampo

14:15 Beaches
15:30 Harmonia

16:45 Robert Forster

18:00 The Necks
21:45 Fuck Buttons

At the Barracks Stage on Sat 17th Jan.
11:15 Hunter Dienna
12:30 The Holy Sea

13:45 Conway Savage

15:00 Psarandonis
16:15 Michael Gira

17:30 Rowland S. Howard

Turbine Stage on Sat 17th Jan
16:45 Passenger Of Shit
18:00 James ‘Blood’ Ulmer

22:00 Silver Apples

Amazing how little live footage were filmed/upload at this time, filming everything on your mobile phones at gigs maybe hadn’t taken off just yet? But some of the sound quality isn’t that great from both today’s and yesterday’s posts live clips but it’s what I could find! After all that did anyone listen/watch one, some or any of them or maybe none of them?


Couple more cool photos I’ve dug up:

NC waving his arms about with Ed Kuepper joining in, it’s members of The Saints, Laughing Clowns and Bad Seeds backstage!
NC and Woz in the crowd watching someone… it doesn’t fuckin’ say!

Setlist on Jan. 18th 2009 of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at Cockatoo Island, Sydney:

Hold On to Yourself
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
The Weeping Song
Red Right Hand
Midnight Man
The Ship Song
The Mercy Seat
We Call Upon the Author
Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
Jesus of the Moon
Hard On for Love
Stagger Lee

To finish today with that latest NC&TBS album 2008’s Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!


One more 2009 ATP post tomorrow, what can it be?

Cheers! 🙂


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