The Old’s Old Records: Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges’ Back to Back, Johnny Hodges & Wild Bill Davis’ Blue Rabbit, Junior Walker & The All Stars’ Soul Session

So here’s the next one of these posts now! My father finally visited the big city and me from down south-ish this past last week, he looked at all his old records because I was saying I was listening to them again and I’ve been blogging about! He kind-of picked out next three I should listen too, he was mostly remembering the great musicianship on these,  they’re all are old jazz albums of the late 50’s to mid-60’s. Only the second post for this series this month, fifth overall but promise I’ll do more in coming weeks! So it’s yet another Friday afternoon post for me too but does anyone care when I posted these things?

Soul Session by Junior Walker & The All Stars I put on first and is from 1966. I never know how the hell to write about jazz but it’s all so wicked great, highly recommend if need something to listen too this weekend or whenever you see this? Very difficult picking just one track but here’s closing track called Satan’s Blues:

Blue Rabbit by Johnny Hodges & Wild Bill Davis is next and is from 1963/4. Once again just like just above album it’s epic greatness overflowing. Trying to pick just one track is Mission Impossible Tom Cruise breaking his leg while jumping off a skyscraper hard but starting side two is Things Ain’t What They Used To Be:

Back to Back by Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges is last and looks like I’m going backwards is Jazz time because it’s from 1959. Do I just cut and paste what I’ve got on the last couple above? Listening greatness so please if you can, listen all three albums in full! Taste of this one is album opening song Stompy Jones:

Should have maybe embedded these full albums, this time? Should listen to more Jazz but I think I say that every single time I blog about it! I think, I’m not putting these ones back in the box just yet because they’re getting second listen tonight/this weekend sometime, if you wanna know? Dad’s not much for the internet so doesn’t looks at my blog I don’t think but gotta tell him he’s right and were wicked great albums, is pretty great way to start this weekend a bit early!

Feature image is this one’s front cover but NOT picking as the best one because that could have been any of these three really!

 Cheers! 🙂



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