What I’ve Been Listening to in May 2020

OK, it’s time already now for part five of my new music monthly post! I was trying to cut it down a little this time but it’s too hard so gave-up! Does anyone listen to every single thing I post anyway? How many below do you know already? Does everyone know all this stuff I post every month already or not? I’ll really like to know? I guess, it’s cool just for myself to note down this stuff in blog post!

Alles In Allem by Einstürzende Neubauten I’ve been loving this, hopefully everyone listen too it already? Please check it out, if you haven’t yet? Still digging Ten Grand Goldie but for some unknown reason, I’ve been enjoying the song called Wedding which might be the most simple track on this album:

ZEROZEROZERO (soundtrack) by Mogwai 21 epic new tracks out of nowhere! They done soundtracks before so maybe, it’s tooo soon to say but might be the best one they ever done, could be better than some of their albums too? This TV show looked great before knowing it was score by Mogwai, I’m going to most deaf check it out sometime:

The Flesh of the World by Uboa I guess, it’s a EP because it’s only got four tracks and can’t make up my mind on a fave just yet, please listen to the whole thing, if you can? Could be the best, so far of all releases from Uboa:

Straight Songs Of Sorrow by Mark Lanegan only been six month since his last album, he’s got his book out too which he wrote this while writing that! His book is entitled Sing Backwards and Weep: A Memoir which I need to find a copy somewhere? Bleed All Over is song I enjoy the best, so far:

Mr Experience by Donny Benet well, The Don is back! He doesn’t really do anything groundbreaking new but maybe no one does these days? If you just want some throw back 80’s synth pop? He’s your man, I think this his third or is it his fourth solo album now? He’s Sydney artist that hangs out with and worked with Kirin J Callinan, Jack Ladder, Alex Camron etc. if you know who they’re? Was one of Double J’s Artist in Residence host this month which was one radio show I enjoy lately, I don’t know if you can still listen to his show? But it’s linked here:

Summer Of The Loud Birds by Ben Salter so here’s a pile by Salty, he’s got not one but two new albums released a bit earlier than this month, a couple of months ago and late last year. He was once was in Queenland’s The Gin Club indie folk-rock band but gone solo in early 2010’s and now is based in Tasmania. This is his fifth solo album and his music going a bit stranger on this one, he’s always had some side-projects with this kind-of vibe but it’s now on his solo album which is very welcome by me:

The Mythic Plane by Ben Salter was put out in Dec. 2019 so I’m calling it catch up again! His fourth solo is a bit more like his older stuff if he’s gone too odd on the one just above for you? Do you know his older stuff? I’ve blogged about all of today’s post acts before sometime, you know? Maybe, you do know some or all already anyway?

The Cat Bonus EP by Ben Salter much older but I’ve somehow totally missed this before, I don’t know when it was released? It’s got the same release date as the album entitled The Cat, his debut solo album of 2011 but I’ve never seen it before, when was it really put out? Opening song the most oddest The Cure’s Lovecats cover you’ll ever heard in your life but the main goldmine here is my continuous monthly finding much older Garth Liddiard obscure recordings! Gaz is on four songs with Salty and Dan Luscombe of The Drones, I think the closing song Everything Stays The Same is best one but track five You Are Not A Samurai, track seven Northcote By Foot, track eight Comprehensively Fucked are all worth checking out plus with his old The Gin Club mate Conor MacDonald track six Seeds is totally the best here:

LIVE Vol. 5 The Tote Melbourne 29​/​05​/​16 by The Drones so that’s leading into yet more The Drones live goodness, the final time they played at The Tote! Enya’s Orinoco Flow played over the PA just before they walked on stage, if you have no idea what is happening at the very start? So the timeline is: they played one more Aussie tour after this and when quietly onto hiatus which off course, then Gaz and Fi formed the new band Tropical Fuck Storm in late 2017. My fave track here is the longest and title track from 2013’s album I See Seaweed:

My most fave brand new cover of the month and most likely fave song overall is: Before Too Long by Alex Cameron so Paul Kelly’s classic 80’s upbeat rock pop has been now turned into a slower morbid piano ballad:

I guess, that means second best cover this month goes to: Comic Dancer by Nick Cave so T. Rex glam rock boogie has been well, Nick Cave-ed! He’s been playing it live solo last year but this T. Rex tribute album project has been rumored in the works for something like a couple of years by now, it’s a huge double but doesn’t drop until Sept. but you can this one on iTunes, I think?

Is three covers in one month just tooo much for everyone else? If not, here’s (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding? by Sharon Van Etten featuring Josh Homme‘s official video. Slower down more than the original which was written by Nick Lowe but made way more well-known by Elvis Costello:

OK, I’m going cover song mad this month! It’s Mark Lanegan + Cold Cave with Isolation, off course original by Joy Division. This month was a Joy Division 40th year anniversary of their album Closer. This one of these four covers is the closest to the original:

More comeback news or new releases for later this year! Aussie band Augie March’s singer-songwriter Glenn Richards is working on a brand new solo album, no release date yet but first video/single/track is out now entitled Hi Gene!:

Finishing note in today’s post is news you’ve most likely heard before? Yet another comeback! Bob Dylan is dropping his new album on 19th June, entitled Rough And Rowdy Ways, if somehow you’ve missed his three lead singles/songs Murder Most Foul, I Contain Multitudes and False Prophet here they’re:

So you heard all this stuff already or not! Next time I do this is going to be the halfway point of this year, you know?

EN in 2020, my album of this month!

Cheers! 🙂



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