Mid-Year list: 2020

  So it’s a couple of days until the end of this month and I guess, pretty close to the half way point of this year! Today’s post are a few of my own music highlights! No dragging it out, I’m calling the best or my most fave album of the year at half way:

Feral by RVG

I think, the drip feeding or building up to the main release kind-of worked on me for this one because they have been putting out new songs/videos since late last year and I guess, it gives the act more time on other tracks, if everything isn’t ready all at the same time, if that’s what they’re are doing? Here are all the video clips, if you do like that kind-off thing too?

It’s nothing totally ground breaking new musically but what is at this point? It’s pretty much just wicked great Aussie indie rock album! I’ve got a copy of it I can hold in my hand which been a little tricky at times in 2020, and it when in my multi-disc CD player were everything else keeps changing, I’ve not taken this out get yet! Also online, when looking at my old last.fm profile the other day, it’s my most played new album there! Reading into the album title way more, 2020 has been a pretty “feral” year so far too! So please check out RVG‘s Feral, if you’ve not yet?

I’m not made playlist of songs or top ten of albums this time but here’s a few other catalogers I’m going to cover:

My fave/the best stand alone 7″ single/video at mid-way point of 2020 is: Tropical Fuck Storm‘s Suburbiopia

My fave/the best live album at the half-way point of 2020 is: The DronesLIVE Vol. 5 The Tote Melbourne 29​/​05​/​16

My fave/the best old stuff which isn’t really a reissue because almost all wasn’t released before but else do you call it? At the half-way point of 2020 is: The Job by Use No Hooks

My fave/the best soundtrack album at mid-way point of 2020 is: ZEROZEROZERO by Mogwai

My fave/the best EP at the half-way point of 2020 is: Rarities by HTRK

My fave/the best cover at mid-way point of 2020 is: Before Too Long by Alex Cameron (written by Paul Kelly)

So that’s just a huge pile of Aussie acts, is anyone out there really surprised by that? Oh, nope it isn’t, it’s a Scottish band who won my soundtrack award show prize! What do you think about all those? Have you listened to all these yet? Gotta ask, what’s your own fave/best release/s of this year, so far?

Romy Vager singer-songwriter on the right with her group RVG wins my mid-year album 2020!

 Cheers! 🙂


  1. Also Use No Hooks, I love their sound, really funky, it sounds like it could be made yesterday rather than being quite old. You have made me curious, now I am looking them up. I hope you are doing well, take care 😁

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    1. Did you find much? That’s pretty much everything they recorded around the time! But some members date back to earlier Melbourne band of the late 70’s, both Stuart and Denise are from the Primitive Calculators, who I’ve blogged about about before, they were synth-punks with a more hash sound but reformed in mid-80’s and again in late-2000’s, even recorded new songs/albums too! So glad your digging Use No Hooks! 🙂
      I’ve just had the flu last month but feeling better now, hope everything going OK? Take care too! 🙂

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      1. I haven’t found much more from them actually just what you shared. I have it all saved now on my YT and listening to it right now, it’s amazing. Quite astonishing that these guys and gals didn’t get super famous eh? They remind me a bit of Talking Heads but even more funky. Seeing them live would have been soooo fun. Aw I’m so sorry to hear you have been unwell, it must have caused confusion, whar with covid floating around. I get a bit paranoid even with a minor cold. But Im so glad you are on the mend, take care mate xx

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      2. Oh well, in Australia unless bands got on Countdown at that point in time they couldn’t get famous at all! But they’re wicked great and now it’s on blue vinyl if you do want to buy it later on? here’s a link to the label: https://chaptermusic.com/news/use-no-hooks-lost-recordings-1979-83-on-new-lp/
        Oh well, it’s winter now so it’s cold and flu season, WA is still somehow pretty safe from C-19 like NZ too but yeah, wasn’t that good and a bit of a worry! You stay safe too matey and cheers again 🙂

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    1. Oh well, it’s pretty cold here too but i will take your word it’s maybe not as bad as Wellington! Oh yeah, i don’t think you are the only one hanging out for a good holiday at this point! they’re trying to just talk everyone here into just going within this state, you know? like going down south or up north, if you live in the city? because this state is pretty big etc. Off course, it’s relieve and must be for you too? i seen on the news sometime this week Australia and New Zealand are a couple on the safe list of world wide counties, only a few more are on that list too! Stay safe CC 🙂

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    1. So did you know? RVG have just signed to English label called Fire records, who released Pulp’s 80’s albums!
      Doesn’t Jarvis have a new solo album or something out soon? Oh yeah, it’s out on Friday!
      Cheers Kev 🙂

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