Song of the Day: Ain’t Gonna by Palm Springs

So last month pretty bad blogging for me, well minus the amazing grand total of five posts! I guess, to explain? I need a little break but also I came down with the flu and yeah, I did have a C-19 test but it was only just a boring normal old flu! Also music blogging just seem a bit useless or pointless last month with all the protests and off course, I do support anyone/everyone protesting whether in America last month or Hong Kong doing it for a whole year or anywhere else?

Anyway let’s see if this July can be a better month for my music blogging? Does anyone really care out there, if I do or don’t? So it’s been a little or long while since I’ve gone on and on about how much I love Erica Dunn or her moniker Palm Springs! Does everyone remember her or not, by now? She’s yet more Aussie indie rock and released four main albums or maybe they’re kind-of more mini-albums, well one was called an EP too! Also released ten track album with her three pierce band Mod Con, is also a member of Tropical Fuck Storm who I rave about all the time, if you haven’t notice? Plus my very first SOTD post late last year was with the all female line-up of Harmony, yet another band she’s in so that post is linked here!

So the fourth released by Palm Springs was recorded in New York City, July 2017 with one track entitled Caroline done later in Melbourne, September 2018. Today’s SOTD feature Ain’t Gonna which is a more mellow track, Erica solo song and number three of the eight tracks on Palm Springs & Friends. Was put out in November 2018 with psychical release only on cassette, two sold out editions so far. You can stream all those songs here:

Erica Dunn aka Palm Springs

Cheers! 🙂


    1. OK, let’s see how much SOTD posts i can do this month? i will mix it up with some well-known and lesser known, try to thrown in some other stuff too! Cheers Micheal for letting me know and glad you dig it! 🙂

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