Song of the Day: Ain’t Gonna Let You Go by Hard-Ons

After something like well over month or so by now, it’s all three Ain’t Gonna… something song titles have now finally been posted! I’m NOT very quick about these or my SOTD posts, hey? After a couple of laid back songs to start the month of July, we’re back to some more punk rock on Friday morning and also back to Australia as well!

The Hard-Ons were formed in the early 80’s in Sydney, N.S.W. The classic line-up was a three piece, the members were guitarist Peter “Blackie” Black, bassist Ray Ahn and vocalist/drummer Shane Keish de Silva. As a little side note this is Aussie multicultural punk at it’s best with Blackie of Yugoslavian heritage, Ray of Korean ancestry and Shane of Sri Lankan descent. They didn’t mind a bit of psychedelic in their punk rock, as you can tell from the tie-dyed t-shirt image below/above. They stay on indie record label/s even in the 90’s mainstream crossover, who knows? They might be more well known today, if they did sign to a major label but they never did!

Today’s track is from the wicked 1990 album entitled Yummy! Which was the fourth album by them with classic opening song was the lead single/video entitled Where Did She Come From? If you really wanna know? Is my most fave of all of their albums too! The online mail order copy of the 2-CD reissue of the album, you can even get an autographed copy linked here, if you want/need a copy now? But here’s the full album streaming on youtube:

It’s Shane, Blackie and Ray (l-r) in 1990!

Cheers! 🙂


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