Song of the Day: Airspray by Civil Civic

So after a pretty good start for this month’s SOTD posts I dropped the ball! I’m NOT very good at this daily posting, hey? Oh well, here’s one for your weekend or whenever you see it?

It’s the opening song from their debut album entitled Rules of 2011. I’ve embedded the whole album and not just the track yet again so I’ve kind-of lied in the blog post title again! Please why have a listen to the full album, if you really dig the first track? I’ve also embedded the second album called The Test of 2016 just below too, if you want even more? But that’s everything by them!

Civil Civic are yet another band from Melbourne, Australia who I love. They’re are just a duo who play instrumental music. The couple of members names are Aaron Cupples and Benjamin Green but the third member is called The Box. When I did get to see them live, was this huge big black square box made-up of drum machine, synth and keyboards which sat in the middle of the stage while both human members played it as well their bass and guitar. It was all very wicked cool live but you can’t see any of that while streaming online. Aaron Cupples is also a film composer and record producer, my fave albums he’s done is The Drones’ Gala Mill and Feelin Kinda Free. I hope you enjoy them, if you do press play?

CC’s two members are on the left, dressed in black at the beach!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Yeah really loved it. I’m thinking of doing a post on music I have liked this week, but it may actually just be recycling your music too hehe. I have a few additions though, some medieval type folk music from Latvia, a few ancient pieces too 😉

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  2. I think you mentioned an artist called JJ Mist a while back right? She is an 80s electro artist from NZ, any way I will do a post about some of my fav Kiwi artists coming up….she will be in there. I hope you have a good weekend,take care 😁

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      1. Oh cool I am so glad you like her 🙂 It must have been someone else who recommended her to me. I think you will like my list of artists that I love from NZ. It will be coming up next week some time. Hope you have a great week mate and stay in touch 🙂

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      2. Oh wicked, i will look out for it because it sounds like an epic idea! I’ve been offline for a few days but will try and stay in touch, hope you’re having/had a good week toooooooooo! 🙂

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      3. I am actually 😁 weather here is cold but sunny, work has become heaps less stress and more enjoyable actually a bit social without doing all that much work, sometimes it’s nice to have a chill time with less stress. How about you? no cases in WA that must be a bit of a relief, take care 😁

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      4. Oh yeah, WA still doing good! not like over east and NZ is still going great, right? well, as far as i know? it’s been a bit of a sunny winter the last week or so here tooo! Stay safe and everything 🙂

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