Song of the Day: Airwing by Essendon Airport

For those readers/listeners of my blog who live in/around Melbourne town or the state of Victoria, this is NOT the sound of airplanes taking off at your second smaller airport or something like that? It’s a band who named themselves after it, who are from Melbourne! Off course, never became well-known or very successful at all but I do love them so much!!

Formed in the late 70’s punk explosive but as you can see by the photo and if your listening already they’re far from your normal old boring punk band! Looking more like nerds than punks and thrown in way too much synth and saxophone to their music to be punk too, maybe could be file under something like nerdy synth-sax punk?  Is that a thing or am I making it up now, just for them? I did find the Airwing song on YouTube just above but once again I do highly recommend you listen to the full album below too. Back in the late 70’s Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial was only an EP released, reissued in early-2000’s with live recordings plus their one and only 7″ single Talking To Cleopatra of the year 1980 with singer Anne Cessna added to the line-up. Is one of my most loved early-80’s Aussie obscure songs/singles of all-time!

If it’s a pretty boring Sunday morning for you? Put this on and make it a very different one for yourself!

Might as well embedded the second and early 80’s album too, that’s pretty much everything they’ve recorded/released because they broken-up in 1983!

Essendon Airport the band playing live back the day somewhere?

Cheers! 🙂


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