What I’ve Been Listening to in July 2020

Well, amazing it’s part seven of my monthly new stuff posts for this year today, that’s the very tiny intro finished!

Real Headfuck / Reverse Déjà Vu by HTRK is the brand new double A-side digital single! They have been sharing older rare stuff on their bandcamp profile the last few months but I was hoping they were working on something new? These couple of new tracks are wicked great, adding more acoustic guitar and husband of singer plays guest bass guitar:

HTRK’s Jonnine Stardish has also released her debut solo album, so far only on limited edition cassette tape and/or download entitled Blue Hills. On the English label’s Boomkat Documenting Sound series so as far as I know you can only listen to bits of it here, follow this link. Hubby Conrad Standish does play bass with Jonnine singing, playing synth which is totally wonderful off course!

Even more HTRK stuff this month with two mixes by the couple of the members for a Ukraine website called ÂUGHT Magazine on Soundcloud, Jonnine Stardish does twenty-eight mins:

Then Nigel Yang has thirty-six mins:

Prophecy by Laurence Pike so if you’ve never heard of him? He’s an Aussie drummer and this is his third solo album. Pike started in Jazz but he’s done four albums with Sydney electronic band PVT formerly known as Pivot but all his solo albums are well worth checking out and this new one is wicked:

Midnight Meditations by Chapter Music (the record label) is yet another brand new Aussie Various Artists comp album. My most fave song here is Fia Fiell‘s Amend, she played piano since the age of four years old but this is the first time that piano really takes over, before this one she’s done electronic music plus runner-up fave would be Sarah Mary Chadwick‘s Sit Down and Pour:

  Next is my fave couple of video clips this month for up-coming releases later this year: Lemon Balm by Sun Kil Moon with guest vocal by Petra Haden is going to be the third album by Mark Kozelek in 2020! Nope, he never stops recording it seems! This is very different for him because he’s rarely do video clips and here he’s directed this one himself:

Honey by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard yet another band who seem to live their lives in a recording studio! Releasing a huge pile of live albums already this year and they have gone very sweet acoustic on their first brand new studio recording release of 2020:

One more new song is: 2020 Vision by Tom Lyngcoln who has got a brand new solo album next month too, that’s his second solo album but this time he’s joined by drummer Jay Allen and bass player Cal Foley. TL has been playing in the Aussie indie scene since late-90’s in bands like The Nation Blue, Harmony, Pale Heads those are links to those bands last albums, if you wanna check out his older stuff? Pre-order for his new solo album linked here, it’s entitled Raging Head released on August 14th but here’s 2020 Vision in the meantime:

Back in the recording studio news is Tropical Fuck Storm. I did know the main songwriter Gareth Liddiard has been writing in lock-down but the wicked great news is recording of what will be their third album has begun! NOT really song but just noise with a clip of a couple their dogs in the recording studio with them was posted on their social media:

Cover of this month: only one which is NOT the full song from Aimee Mann with amazing version of Avalanche by Cohen. Opening credits for the new HBO show called I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, it’s less than 50 sec. but here’s hoping she release the full track sometime sooner or later?

Idiot Prayer by Nick Cave sub-titled Alone at Alexandra Palace was just a pre-recorded filmed livestream but here’s hoping for it being released as a solo album or something? Because it really was something very special and beautiful plus I’ve wanted him to do solo piano recordings of his songs for years! Here’s part of the song Galleon Ship:

Other stuff you might know about or do you know about everything above too? Brithpop’s Jarvis Cocker has a new band very confusing called Jarv Is and they dropped new album this month entitled Beyond the Pale which I do think, would be very easy to find on any streaming sites so I’ll skip embedding that. Most likely I’ve missed stuff like every month I do this but that’s my own main highlights that I’ve been listening and enjoined over the last few weeks! Have you listened to these or not?

HTRK’s Jonnine (left) and Nigel are back this month with even more new stuff to enjoy!

Cheers! 🙂



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