Great Art: Marc Quinn’s Blood Self-Portraits of 90’s-2000’s

I’m bring back my art posts for this month! These sculpture’s real title is Self or once more than one was made entitled Selfs or even sometimes called Blood Heads. It’s the artist own blood frozen in the shape of his own head at the age he was that year. How you might ask? The sculptures are casts made from the artist’s head, comprising about five litres of his own blood kept in a solid state by remaining frozen at -18°C with an uninterrupted supply of electricity, without it which the head would just dissolve!

Quinn has featured on my blog and my art exhibition posts before, he’s got one of my most popular art posts: The Shit Paintings linked here. It’s something like six months since posting my last one, here’s a link to all my older art gallery posts if you want to check them out? Don’t ask me why I stop because I have no real reason but I’m re-starting them again and try to post one each weekend, if I’ve got time from now on! Anyway it seems like my art posts still seem to be kind-of popular for some reason?

Also MQ been a little in the headlines lately in the U.K. Yeah, he’s an English artist who makes sculptures so with the #BlackLivesMatter protests, all the very old historical racists having their sculptures ripped down. Marc did a brand new sculpture of one of the #BlackLivesMatter protesters to I guess, celebrate the new history being created in 2020. Instilling it where slave trader Edward Colston stood in Bristol which made world news when it was putted down in June. Quinn didn’t have permission and unauthorized instilled his brand new sculpture, off course then the city of Bristol removed it less than 24 hours later. Also some have questioned why a “white” English artist is doing this? But I could ask why do artist do anything? I guess, unless you are following news on #BlackLivesMatter or what crazy things modern artists are doing? Or maybe if you live in Bristol or maybe England, I don’t know if it’s been a very huge news story but I do try to keep up with some visual artists so that’s what he’s been up too lately, if you google it you’ll find more about it?

Anyway here are four of the Selfs from newest to oldest plus some installation views of this artwork:

Self, 2006
Self, 2001
Self, 1996
Self, 1991
Exhibition view of Selfs in 2009
Marc Quinn the artist himself looking at his own Self!

Random song of the day is: Blood Test by Mark Kozelek, Ben Boye & Jim White from the album entitled Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White of 2017. Picking it because both have the same given/first even if it’s spelled different plus I’m just going with the blood theme:

Cheers! 🙂



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