The Old’s Old Records: Dick Hyman’s Moog, Brian Eno’s Apollo, Laurie Anderson’s Big Science & Mister Heartbreak

Bloody hell, amazing it’s been already a couple of months since my last TOOR post, you know? I didn’t think it was that long ago but it is, I guess I’ve not been the greatest blogger at posting stuff in the last couple of months! So this Monday morning is even more old records and me embedding some songs for you to listen tooo, if you dare to press play? I guess, let’s see if I can do better at my daily posts in Aug. or not? It rarely happens and I don’t know why I even keep say I’ll even try?

Today I’ve handed picked four of the most whacked out or out there albums of my parents old collection, lucky everyone! A couple feature the Moon on the albums front cover so they’re already in outer space. Then the other couple are by the New York City performance artist/musician which I think, she pretty famous because of this cult classic video clip:

O Superman opens side 2 of Big Science by Laurie Anderson of 1981 but I love this so much so it does come very highly recommend listening. Let’s included yet another song the six min. plus title track just to give you something less well known to listen tooo:

Also less well-known is the 1984 album Mister Heartbreak by Laurie Anderson because I guess, it didn’t have O Superman song on it but still is ‎Avant-garde‎ wickest. Peter Gabriel co-stars on the song Excellent Birds which does have a video clip too. Not that I would have known who the hell William S. Burroughs was when I was whatever age I was when they were playing it? But the closing track Sharkey’s Night has him on lead vox, most likely would have been the first time hearing him when my old folks played this way back when. I can’t decide which one so I’m sharing both those songs too:

Moog by Dick Hyman or The Electric Eclectic of Dick Hyman is totally instrumental that are leftfield or experimental from the year 1969. After one of the Pink Floyd albums I’ve already blogged about this is the only other gatefold I’ve came across so far, with full write-up about what the hell a Moog is? A synth! Details about each and every song etc. Can I serious highly reco this one too? I’ve embedded the song eight and half min. epic called The Minotaur:

 Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks by Brian Eno is way more mellow and maybe should have started with this one but I guess, it’s a great one to end with? It’s most likely still my most fave Eno album of all-time, if you wanna know? What is your own fave BE album of all-time? It’s his 1983 album and comes highly reco again, if need stuff to listen too this Monday or this week or whenever you do see this post? I’ve picked the longest song (again) at eight min. the closing track called Stars:

 I’ll say in closing most of this really is NOT for everyone but I do really dig it all, growing up listening stuff like these could be the reason why I love out there music? Or what almost all people call fucking bonkers! Anyway please tell me what you do think of all these songs above? Plus if you did listen to all four full albums as highly reco by me? That’s now my part six blog post of this set done and dusted! I’ll try to get the next part up a little quicker that this time and will have less crazy stuff too, OK?

The album cover of Laurie Anderson’s Big Science is the featured image today!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. One of my best friends got heavily into Laurie Anderson back in the 80s, and tried turning me onto her music. I did like some of it, though it wasn’t something I wanted to listen to a whole lot. Her music is a bit like Yoko Ono’s in some respects, but Anderson is a lot better vocalist.

    I like the piece you included by Brian Eno.

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    1. Oh well i guess, it’s not a much of a surprise you’re not much of a Laurie fan but it’s cool you liked Brain! i will not even ask if you dug Dick or maybe you just skipped that one?
      Cheers again mate 🙂

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