Song of the Day: Albtraum by Élan Vital

Going to Dunedin, New Zealand today with my SOTD post from this acts one and only album, who you’ve most likely never heard offf or have you? The track Albtraum which is the sixth or second last song on Shadow Self released in 2017 by Élan Vital. But I’ve tracked it down to an earlier 2015 Kiwi various artist comp album entitled Deep & Meaningful Volume 3, track number 22.

They’re a three piece line-up from NZ who describe their music as dark disco. Members are Renee Barrance who also graced The Hairdos and Canyon Spree, Danny Brady of Death and the Maiden and Thought Creature and Nikolai Sim from Terrified, Koyla and Scattered Brains of the Lovely Union. I’ve been getting all these band’s while doing this post, I’ve linked to each of their latest releases, I think? If you wanna go totally Kiwi indie music mad today or something?

Mainly became fan of Élan Vital or my reason is because Renee Barrance newer/latest band called Ov Pain, who’s been releasing a few things over the last few years which I’ve really loved. I’ve featured them before on my blog because they were based in Melbourne, Australia and I found out about them last time I was over east but they have gone home to NZ plus are even playing some shows because it’s C-19 safe there. The big news is Ov Pain have signed with the cool Aussie indie label it Records for next up-coming album, which they’re already working on it so I can’t wait for that one! Élan Vital’s Shadow Self full album is on Bandcamp:

Sharing Ov Pain self-titled debut album of 2017 too, if you wanna listen to it tooo?

Renee is in the middle but really don’t know which one is Nikolai or Danny? Sorry guys!

Cheers! 🙂



    1. Oh well, they’re a kiwi band but i don’t know where you are? But her other band Ov Band is playing a show at the end of the month in Auckland, if you wanna know?
      Cheers mate 🙂

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      1. I’m in Wellington. There is a great local music scene here, a lot of metal, electronic and some hiphop I think you would like it here if u visited. Thanks going to look at Ov band as well. Just fyi if you ever do get over to NZ, avoid Auckland it is a bit of a shithole 🤣

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      2. Sounds like a very cool local scene but i better check out my own one here because i don’t think we’re going anyway soon unfortunately!
        Cheers mate 🙂


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