Song of the Day: The Albatross by Sarah Blasko

Going to Sydney, Australia today for my SOTD post! It was a few days ago now while doing a Bjork’s post I’d linked a podcast with Sarah Blasko, afterwards I did think some readers/listeners might not know who the hell she is? Gotta be very popular here, does have oversea’s label but I think it’s mainly focus on UK/Europe market. So here’s one of my fave tracks from could be one of her best albums? 2006’s very long album title What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have was her second album, this one was done at Crowned House’s Neil Finn’s recording studio in New Zealand. I think, now if I was to name her best or my own fave album by her it would be I Awake album of 2012, was her fourth studio album. If you want to dig a bit more into her stuff? That’s even more highly recommend listening or are you a big huge fan too? Please share your own fave Sarah Blasko song/album with me right now?

Worth a note: on the back of my copy it’s listed as The Albatross plus on it’s Wikipedia page, Discogs website does the very same also Aussie radio Double J called it her “classic album” in 2017. Anyway I’m pointing this out because I’m embedding spotify today, they’re missing the “The” and my own rules for SOTD posts is one song per word/s because guess what it’s going to be tomorrow? Streaming the full album here:

The Albatross words:

Fear lies beside me
A vessel, an army
That threatens the night
The wind is whispering
Howling and hissing
“Be unafraid”
Tragic this moment of kindness
Touches my eyes in their blindness
Come lie beside me
Say I won’t be lonely
As we kiss goodnight
For two ships are sailing
The wind is wailing
“An ocean awaits”
Captured this moment inspires us
To unlock the latches that bind us
And we will leave behind these fallen tears
For two will sail tonight
And here in this humble ship
I will make my home

SB in 2006!

Cheers! 🙂




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