Great Art: Jason Benjamin’s Portraits of 2010’s

I’m NOT a big huge fan of photo-realism portrait paintings but I do dig these ones! Jason Benjamin normally paints landscapes so maybe I should have started with some of those? This is my intro art gallery post of his artwork, I’ve not blogged about him about him on my blog before but you could know him already? All these painting above, I think? Were from the Archibald Portrait Prize of mainly the 2010’s. Which is a big huge deal here in Australia for art, maybe the biggest news in art every single year in a country where art is mostly a non-event!

Going down from the top are self-portrait, Tim Rogers, Gareth Liddiard, Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody but included the artworks titles below:

So you want to come down…, 2018
I just wanna dream, 2014
It’s not all Henry Bloody Lawson, 2011
I sat by the river. I waited by the road, 2015
Voice in the embers, late-2000’s (I think but can’t find the date of this painting?)

Random song of the day: Almost all above are Aussie singer-songwriters. Here’s Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody singing a version of their classic Indigenous rights song From Little Things Big Things Grow at the memorial service for Gough Whitlam in 2014:

Cheers! 🙂



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