Song of the Day: Alcohol by Kim Salmon & The Surrealists

It’s a mid-week hump day drinking song for my SOTD post today! Is it to early on Wednesday morning to start drinking right now? Anyway the song called Alcohol is track number nine above or just listen to the whole album, if you wanna? It’s another Aussie indie artist/band on Bandcamp which I can’t the song on YouTube but I didn’t look else where, they’re most likely on other streaming websites but I guess, those couple are my faves!

This album Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing of 1997 was Kim Salmon & The Surrealists second line-up of three different line-ups he’s had over the years with that band. Salmon should be more well-known because of his late 70’s/ early 80’s Aussie punk band called The Scientists and also guitar player of mid-80’s/early 90’s Beasts Of Bourbon. Anyway by 1988 he formed new band The Surrealists so then in 1993 Greg Bainbridge new drummer replaced founding Tony Pola plus then in 1995 Stu Thomas new bassist changed from the earlier Brian Henry Hooper. So by 1997 all three members were in full swing plus the genius idea of also adding brass and strings. Amazing was just recorded in Salmon’s kitchen in Melbourne and he then taken it to Memphis to be mixed by the great Jim Dickinson who’s worked with other artists like Alex Chilton, Big Star, Ry Cooder, Mudhoney etc. I hope you enjoy it if you do press play?

Kim is in the middle and I think but I might be wrong, it’s Greg on left and Stu on left?

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Yep, that’s Kim in the middle, Stu on his left, Greg on his right. Great tune, great era.
    Still going strong and releasing new material regularly

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    1. Oh yeah, that new Scientists stuff is pretty cool for reunion thing after so long plus i did heard he’s doing new Surrealists album with the third newer line-up too, sometime soon or later?
      Cheers Brad again 🙂


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