What I’ve Been Listening to in Aug. 2020

It’s time for yet again my monthly new stuff recos post thingy! It’s a top 12 this time around and let’s just get on with it, the intro over and done!

Unity by Gordon Koang is an African artist from South Sudan but after five long years GK was granted asylum in Australia, this was recorded in Melbourne, last year:

Or watch Gordon Koang’s South Sudan three min. edit video clip which was filmed around Melbourne where he now calls home:

Raging Head by Tom Lyngcoln is his second solo album, this time he’s joined by Jay Allen (The Kill, Mid Youth Crisis, Fuck I’m Dead) on drums and Cal Foley (The Stevens, The Blinds) on bass. Reminding everyone TL bands in the past are The Nation Blue, Harmony, Pale Heads. I think, Tony song is my fave because it could be about headbutting Tony Abbott:

Lazy GF by Holiday Sidewinder Aussie indie pop queen or diva is back, once again this brand new single has a very 80’s pop vibe but I love it:

Miami Memories by Alex Cameron I know it’s only some demos from his album of last year but I do love anything he releases:

Gold Record by Bill Callahan is not fully out until this coming Friday but I love what BC has been doing, dropping one new song from it each week leading up to release date of 4th. Sept.

Raging Your Mind by Mr. Bungle from the totally brand new The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo which is totally re-recordings of their earliest songs from 1986. The three original members Mike Patton, Trey Spruance and Trevor Dunn are joined by Scott Ian of Anthrax and Dave Lombardo of Slayer for this album which drops on 30th Oct. 2020:

Fever by Blake Scott from his brand new album entitled Niscitam out on Oct. 9th which is going to be his debut solo album after being in the band called The Peep Tempel for years and years, all their old album/s can be found here, if you want to check them out in the meantime? Scott is joined by drummer Jacey Ashton and bassist Nick Finch:

Legal Ghost by Tropical Fuck Storm is their next new single which is also a re-recording of a very old song written in 1998, original can be found here and it’s track number nine over there. Victoria, Australia is back in totally lock down so recording for their 3rd album is going very slowly so most likely is now going to be a 2021 release date because they all can’t get together as a band now. Maybe, Gareth Liddiard should do another solo album or EP in the meantime or something? Anyway the TFS b-side is coming next month and is an old punk late-70’s Talking Heads cover, I can’t wait!

Brand new cover of this month is Just For You by Courtney Barnett was written by Kev Carmody and is from the updated 2020 version of his wicked great tribute album, if you wanna hear the rest? Follow this link but CB one is the best, off course!

A couple more video clips of this month and are Some Of Us by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is now a couple of months in a row of new videos/songs plus they’re saying more coming very soon too:

Burn Down The Plantation by Kim Salmon & The Surrealists are newly reformed after ten years since their last album, linked here. A brand new one entitled Rantings From The Book Of Swamp coming next month which was after Kim wrote lyrics but the bassist and drummer only heard them for the first time when they’re were playing and recording them, it also was a livestream a couple of months ago but are releasing as an album now because it was so wicked cool:

That’s it for August for me mainly and yeah, I’ve missed a pile of other great stuff but it was getting a bit long already! Have you heard all that or not?

Gordon Koang (left) with his cousin Paul Biel is this month feature image artist!

Cheers! 🙂

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