Song of the Day: Alexandra by RVG

Lucky Alexandra gets a couple of songs too but I think, it’s the last someone’s name track for a while because lately I’ve gone a little overboard, hey?

It’s the video clip:

Or the Bandcamp single with a John Cale cover:

This track is over a year old now, was the very 1st single release from their 2nd album which I did name as my own fave album in my mid-year report/review so it wasn’t that long ago I blogged about them but can I please do them again already? Yet another album opening track but I’ve included three options of listening today, lucky you! If you still haven’t listen to their wicked new album from early this year?

It’s Gareth Liddiard wearing a RVG t-shirt with his whiteboard planning an oversea tour last year, remember those good old days when bands toured? What a double bill that would have been too!
Here’s the RVG band on a staircase!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. I’m loving their music! Those jangly guitars are gorgeous. Their lead singer Romy Vager has the most fascinating male-sounding voice I think I’ve ever heard from a woman. When I first watched the video for “Alexandra”, I thought she was lip-syncing, but after watching more of their videos I realized that’s her voice.

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    1. Oh yeah, Romy Vager is wicked great and has amazing vocals plus i should have say above it’s her group and it’s short for Romy Vager Group or i might have said the before in some other post on them? or you figured that out yourself, i guess? Glad you enjoy her/them!
      Cheers mate 🙂

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