Song of the Day: Again by RIGHT!

So after Mike Noga passed away last month. I’ve decided to do a post about another old The Drones member and what did Rui Pereira do musically after he leave The Drones? RIGHT! which is his band’s name with caps locks on and explanation mark at the end! I can’t find very much about them other that their bandcamp profile, that’s a free download album! Second song is a Spencer P. Jones cover, you know? The seven tracks is about 45 mins. wicked listening. Embedding the whole album and not just one track but why listen or/and download it?

Self-titled album was released on limited edition compact disc of only 30 copy’s and were hand numbered. Release date says Feb. 2017 and then the only other thing I can find about them is an old facebook post about 2015 January Wednesday night downstairs residency at The Tote, linked here. That’s a well-known live music venue or pub in in Collingwood, Victoria if I need to explain? That’s pretty much all about RIGHT! other that cutting and pasting band line-up which is all in caps lock too:


Another band Rui was in is the Pale Heads with Tom Lyngcoln who they have done a couple of albums, Don’t Wait Outside The Heart of 2017 and Headless of 2015. I’d blogged before little more about them, linked over here. Seems very few and far between and not as prolific as some Drones members. What else little I know about him he does his own art like paintings and drawings and had some art exhibitions plus I think, he works at Bakehouse Studios and Rehearsal Rooms in Richmond, Victoria. RP was on four The Drones’ albums which were Here Comes The Lies of 2002, Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By of 2004, Gala Mill of 2004 and The Miller’s Daughter of 2005 which was comp of outtakes/b-sides from the band’s first two albums. Gaz and Rui pre-Drones recordings of the 90’s was released in 2018 as Bong Odyssey and it was actually Tom Lyngoln who called it that and then Liddiard used that as the album title.

The self-titled album front cover which is Rui’s own artwork, a colored version of it is in the gatefold of the vinyl Bong Odyssey album!
Another pic of The Drones, it’s Gaz, Fi, Mikey and Rui (l-r) in 2004!
And finally it’s Rui playing his guitar!

Cheers! 🙂



  1. Nice one William , i’ve got the original RIGHT ! CD , love it. Each CD had original art work too.There was a bonus CD Rui put out with Alex Burt with original fold out art work. I haven’t heard Bong Odyssey as yet.

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    1. Oh right, i wouldn’t mind to get a hold of one but they would be very rare! maybe, you don’t really need to hear Bong Odyssey because you would been there when they were making it? i guess, you might not keep up with all Gaz new stuff too? but The Drones put up a whole pile of live recordings at the start of this year on Bandcamp, one was Spanish Club in 2006 which must be the same night as one on your page too so i am just kind-of joking but has someone got a recording of Spencer P. Jones live set to complete the whole night! Cheers yet again James 🙂


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