Song of the Day: Alien by Bird Nest Roys

Well, I’m back today with a song after ten days or something? Whatever, it’s been now? I’ve not be the best blogger that’s suppose to be daily or I’ve just been totally shit at this whole blogging thingy lately but if you wanna blame someone other than me? This time, it’s most likely down to WordPress itself, changing or making this whole new block publish thingo into a new format or it’s now the default or whatever? Basically I couldn’t be bother to learn how to use it before right now! I can’t figure out how to add any links yet sorry, sometime I’d add links left, right, anywhere, everywhere because it was so fun but no links today! What the hell is happening? Please, just don’t ask me, fingers-crossed it’s kind-of OK-ish but I can’t tell!

What I can tell you about is or you can have a listen tooo: yet another very obscure band you’ve most likely never ever heard off before? We are time traveling back to the 1980’s in New Zealand for some wicked great indie rock! It’s from one of the best music/record label of all-time too called: Flying Nun Records, that’s just the greatest name in itself plus all the music they released back in the 80’s/90’s is also pretty damn great too! I don’t normally talk labels, back in 90’s I was pretty good at checking out almost everything they put out or have put out back into the 80’s. This band Bird Nest Roys was an Auckland band who only did ever released one album, a couple of singles and an EP in the space of three years from 1985 to 87 and then spill. Now you can find everything they pretty much recorded on one comp album which is embedded below, if you wanna listen their whole back catalog? Which is grand total of eighteen songs. The one and only self-titled album and that comp album does have the very same album cover artwork, just to confuse or something? Today’s song is second one on it or you might have already watched the video clip above? I think, this is the very first Flying Nun record label band I’ve included in my little SOTD posts but it’s already the third or fourth Kiwi act or something? I hope you did enjoy Bird Nest Roys, if you check them out?

It’s the very 80’s indie rock looking Kiwi band called Bird Nest Roys on a spiral staircase!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. It’s good to see you back. Yeah don’t feel bad for not posting, sometimes life gets busy you know. Yeah this label Flying Nun is just amazing really….they produced so much amazing music and it’s in a tiny place like Dunedin. I don’t know this band, but they sound similar to The Bats and The Clean and the Chills. Flying Nun is one of my fav labels, also really like 4AD as well 😊

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