Song of the Day: Alien Blueprint by Rollins Band

Well, now it’s couple of days blog posts in a row! I’m continuing my SOTD with the Alien song title theme of yesterday and couple more tomorrow and the next day, hopefully?

It’s mid-90’s American indie rock from 80’s punk Black Flag’s singer Henry Rollins, the fourth of seven albums by them, entitled Weight. Which this is the one had the power ballad called Lair and was their biggest hit single/video clip so this album was the most popular! I think, most of their albums are out of print because of never ending record label problems but Rollins has pointed out even if he’s most well remember as the Black Flag singer the Rollins Band did sold way more than Black Flag ever did but off course, the man himself quit making music because from what I can tell? The main reason was the music industry business was ruining his own love of music itself, I guess it was a trade off! I know some don’t like him very much but I love Hank so much, he’s a wicked great human being! Alien Blueprint song above and full album below, if you wanna check it out?

It’s the full line-up, Henry in the middle but others guys are Theo Van Rock, Chris Haskett, HR, Melvin Gibbs and Sim Cain (l-r) and how do you re-size the image now? I don’t know!

Cheers! 🙂


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