Song of the Day: Alien She by Bikini Kill

It’s the third and one more final Alien something song tomorrow, hopefully? I guess, it’s a bit of my own top four!

So it’s another track today from American 90’s indie rock today but it’s some feminist punk riot grrrl movement, it’s one min. and forty sec. of wicked greatest! Their live tour reunion was going pretty great before C-19 hit, I was hoping for an Aussie tour too but that’s not going to happen anytime soon! Sorry, if you never heard off them? Please, just google them because I still having found out how to link anything and it seem I’m not going to that at this very moment or tell you much more about them! But this album was their debut called Pussy Whipped of 1993 plus they’re on bandcamp too:

It’s Bikini Kill with Kathleen Hanna (middle) wearing Disney’s movie Little Mermaid t-shirt which was suppose to be a bit of joke, you know?

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Between this and Rollins I’m really feeling it! BK were billed to appear one Saturday at a pub in Dublin as part of a (then new) Riot G bill but somehow … got lost. Rollins I saw and even interviewed. Now that is a whole other story!!

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    1. Oh yeah, i did get to see both these acts live back in the day, totally wicked amazing thinking about it now! love to read your Rollins interview and tell that whole story, can you please post it on your blog or something?
      Cheers Elaine 🙂


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