Song of the Day: Alimony by The Hummingbirds

Monday morning it’s back to Oz in the 80’s with some more indie rock in my SOTD, it’s only been four days since the last one this time! Is anyone else counting?

You gotta love a band who calls themselves The Hummingbirds, don’t you? Their debut single/song in 1987 was a song called Alimony which appeared on their debut album entitled loveBUZZ in 1989. The band only did one more album in early 90’s before spiting up in 1993 so they were very short lived. The Hummingbirds’ loveBUZZ is considered a bit of a great classic album here in Australia, I don’t know about oversea? But double J radio included it on their “classic album” program in 2017, linked here and in 2010 a very cool book called The 100 Best Australian Albums listed it at number 65, that book’s Wikipedia page linked here. Also this track Alimony was included on the wicked great VA comp album of the 2000’s entitled Tales From the Australian Underground Vol. 2: 1977-1990 which is long gone or out of print but I loved it to bits, even wrote my very first blog post about it five years ago or something? It was on CD disc two at track number 15. Just little more background they’re from Sydney, Australia and easy fit into jangle pop of that time. In 2011 they did do reunion but in 2017 main singer-songwriter Simon Holmes passed away in July, at the age of 54. Here’s the full album loveBUZZ too, if you you wanna listen to it tooo? Hope you enjoy it!

The Hummingbirds in the 80’s!

Cheers! 🙂



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