1001 Book Albums: 2000

Well it’s back the 1001 albums you must hear before you die book/list today! Reminder because it’s been a very long while since the last post: I’m now doing all the albums listed in the something zero years at the moment, I’m going this time backwards ten years from the last post 2010 so that’s 2000, right? I’ve got to say some other bloggers I’ve notices who blog this book/list too, normal count up how many albums they done/listened tooo and how many tooooo go which is a pretty good idea but I’ve lost track or totally lost count and have no bloody clue what I’ve got left? I guess, I can’t be bother myself to go back to all the older posts and try and figure it out? So it doesn’t really matter, maybe don’t want tooooooooo know!

Anyway my own year 2000 playlist is just above at the very top of this post, I’ve added some of the best or just some songs I really dig from this book that weren’t on it yet, some were already on it and some aren’t included in that book/list at all! Now to finish this long-winded intro, asking has everyone out there in internet land looking at my blog post about it, have you listened to all these albums yet? Don’t drop dead before you’ve hear all these:

DovesLost Souls so I know they’re English and very popular but can’t really remember listening to them before, maybe I did at some point? It’s pretty cool and I’m adding the track called The Cedar Room to my playlist at number 63.

Air‘s The Virgin Suicides (soundtrack) Playground Love video clip is already on my playlist at number 15. My 1st highly recommend by me today and it’s most likely my fave Air album they ever made too!

Ryan AdamsHeartbreaker never really got into to him at all but listening this time doesn’t change my mind. Sorry anyone who’s a fan but it really doesn’t matter that much I don’t like him, does it?

Bebel Gilberto‘s Tanto Tempo is Brazilian bossa nova artist who’s pretty cool. Wikipedia tells me the album title translate to “So Much Time” and adding her track called So Nice (Summer Samba) at number 64 which after picking it, I’ve found out this is an old song from 1964 so this is a cover version.

MJ Cole‘s Sincere lucky artist has a photo of Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP album cover in this bloody book! That album was also released in 2000, I then checking both artist/album indexes which are saying it should be on that page but is totally missing any write-up on the page itself! Is this yet another total fuck-up again by editors? I’m not much of an Eminem fan so I don’t care and because I’ve said it before, this book has been reprinted so many times over you would think they would fix-up all these blunders by now but they haven’t because I keep finding them! Anyway MJ is pretty cool is English dance type of music so adding his song entitled Strung Out as number 65.

Emmylou HarrisRed Dirt Girl it’s her third and final album included in this book, I don’t feature much country music on my blog but I don’t mind a bit of EH so let’s included album’s closing track Boy From Tupelo at number 66.

Radiohead‘s Kid A their track Everything In It’s Right Place is already at number 28, it’s one of four album by them included in this book. Off course it’s my 2nd highly reco by me, if for some dumb reason you’ve never heard it, stop what you’re doing and you better listen to it right now!

U2‘s All That You Can’t Leave Behind after their 80’s/90’s stuff I didn’t like much U2 did but I’ve included Elevation because it’s this album’s most rock-out song at 67. Already on my playlist is Milla Jovovich’s Lou Reed cover which her backing band is U2 which was on The Million Dollar Hotel (soundtrack). This one is the last of four albums by them included in this book but I would still say almost all their earlier stuff is much better that this one.

Coldplay‘s Parachutes not really my cup of tea but they have so many fans they really don’t need me too. I will tell you I don’t totally hate them because my all-time fave song by them is Clocks which is on their next album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head is their second in the book.

Elliot Smith‘s Figure 8 his Son Of Sam video clip is already on my playlist at number is at number 23, always enjoy listening ES so maybe I should put him on a bit more often. Either/Or album is also his second in this book too.

Erykah Badu‘s Mama’s Gun is her only album listed, can’t say I know it at all before but is very cool listening so I’m adding her very mellow Orange Moon song at number 68.

PJ Harvey‘s Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea her This Is Love video clip is at number 22, calling it my my 3rd highly reco which everyone should have listen to this before, right? It’s one of four albums by her to make it into this book. Let’s call PJH runner-up or silver medal because I listened to it twice!

Lampchop‘s Nixon they’re a band I always mean to check out more but haven’t much yet, it’s a very cool album and I’m picking their song called The Book I Haven’t Read at 69.

 Mike Ladd‘s Welcome To The After Future well, I’ve picked the track called Wipe Out On the Wave Of Armageddon to add at number 70, it’s an OK album but maybe just not really my thing?

Goldfrapp‘s Felt Mountain they’re always very chilled out and pretty sweet stuff, I’m picking album’s closing track called Horse Tears on 71.

Ute Lemper‘s Punishing Kiss her Little Water Song at number 26 which is actually co-written by Nick Cave, she’s a German doing a bit of a throw back to cabaret or something like it? But loving it and is my 4th highly reco album, well worth checking out!

The Avalanches’ Since I Left You their Frontier Psychiatrist video clip is number 6, it’s my 5th highly reco today. So do I need to tell you or do you know really? They’re the only Aussie act in this book for year 2000 too! I might be a tiny, little bit biased but it’s easy the best album listed here so I listened to it twice too!

Outkast‘s Stankonia their B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) video clip is number 19, it’s also my 6th and last highly reco pick album so year 2000 gets a top six albums or my opinion they’re the highlights here but everyone is going to say something different, or would you pick the very same ones too?

Common‘s Like Water For Chocolate it’s back to back rap albums to finish with, let’s put The Questions song at 72 which for the moment or at this point is the closing track on my playlist.

If you don’t wanna listen to all them above, here’s my highly recos top six highlights: Air’s The Virgin Suicides, Radiohead’s Kid A, PJ Harvey’s Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, Ute Lemper’s Punishing Kiss, The Avalanches’ Since I Left You and Outkast’s Stankonia. So anything the book totally forgotten but should be there? Or more importantly, anything I’ve not yet got on my own little/long playlist that you think should be there? BTW Aussie songs opened it with the 1st nine tracks and then a few more are from number’s 43 to 55, if anyone needs/wants to know? My own fave top three albums of this year NOT listed above/in that book would be Dirty Three’s Whatever You Love, Einstürzende Neubauten’s Silence Is Sexy and Magic Dirt’s What Are Rock Stars Doing Today. What’s your own fave album/s of year 2000, wanna share now?

Seems they’re very few Aussie albums in this book/list so I’m calling this one the best/my fave of this year!

Cheers! 🙂


  1. I never understood Ryan Adams either, for me it put me to sleep every time I heard it. Also I thought the Avalanches were really overrated back then too. I was massively into dance music in those days. I love that album by PJ Harvey though, it was amazing and a classic from start to finish. I saw Magic Dirt in St Kilda back then…they were great live 🙂

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