What I’ve Been Listening to in Sept. 2020

Today is chapter nine of this year and yet another very short intro, it’s a top… how many? I lost count again! But gotta ask have you heard any/all theses that I’ve been digging?

After something like ten years of nothing by Kim Salmon and the Surrealists they’re back with an album they almost made-up the whole thing on the spot while recording it! They live-streamed while doing it earlier this year and now on limited edition vinyl of 300 or digital. They have been playing gigs over the last few years together, Kim wrote some lyrics in notebook because Stu said they should do a kind-of improvisation music album but Kim needs some words too sing. I was thinking it might be edited down like Kim talks in-between the songs but that’s all there and he does explain it all, if you have a listen? Entitled the Rantings From The Book Of Swamp just above.

American metal-heads Mastodon have released comp of kind-of rare stuff entitled Medium Rarities including live cuts, instrumental versions, covers versions but I think, my fave tracks are the songs for TV shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Game of Thrones, if you wanna know?

English punks Idles finally released their third studio album called Ultra Mono. I should have been including their video clips in these end of months type of posts because they’re very entertaining over the last few months too but here’s the fully album, if for some mad reason you’ve not listen to it yet?

Thor & Friends release a couple of things, simply titled 3 and 4 and yeah, it’s their third and fourth albums. Thor is most well-known as drummer from Austin, Texas who has played with the Swans and number three has a bit of mini-reunion with Jarboe and Michael Gira along with other special guests. Both releases were done as a part of the record label Joyful Noise Recordings 2019 Artist in Residence and I guess, file under something like avant-garde, instrumental, minimalism etc.

Tyyni by Cucina Povera was released way back in March but I’ve only just discovered her, she is Finnish-born but lives, works in Glasgow, Scotland and this is her third album and couple of earlier albums are also well-worth checking out. This time file under something like experimental, electronic, field recordings etc.

Environment Remixes by My Disco were released this month, it’s the second set of remixes from last year’s Environment album by them. I’m normally not that into remix things but My Disco’s ones are always pretty wicked great so just gotta highlight it here!

Don’t You See It featuring Jonnine by Loraine James from Nothing EP which the whole thing isn’t released until next month on Oct. 2nd. That’s the vox are by Jonnine Stardish of HTRK so making it yet other release of 2020 for her!

New video clip of this month can be won by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard yet again with Straws In The Wind so making it now three months in a row! Still no word, I think? About the brand new album all these songs would be on but just guessing, it might be Nov. or Dec. release date unless they’re just going keep release video clip/single ever month until they have an album worth of tracks?

A pile of covers from September to end with:

Kokomo by Holiday Sidewinder, originally by The Beach Boys in 1988 which was released last year but is now on Bandcamp!

Heaven by Tropical Fuck Storm, originally by Talking Heads in 1979 is the b-side to the Legal Ghost 7″ single.

Avalanche by Aimee Mann, originally by Leonard Cohen in 1971 which is now finally her full version which was for some TV shows opening credits, I’ve forget the shows name but I think, this is my fave cover of Sept.

Cosmic Dancer by Nick Cave, originally by T.Rex in 1971 which is his totally solo piano version previous unreleased from the Idiot Prayer live-stream which is now getting a cinema and album re-release in Nov. which I really can’t wait for it!

Finishing today with Love-Lore by Deerhoof which a total free download but wins the prize for the most insane cover album of all-time! It’s something like… so many songs I totally lost count yet again! Only released a couple of days ago but it’s totally wicked cool, you know?

Once again I’m missing a lot of releases but that’s my recos for you but I think, at least it’s covering a lot of different music styles? Hope you might find something you like or love!

It’s Kim Salmon (middle) and the Surrealists as this month featured image act!

Cheers! 🙂


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