Song of the Day: Alikulila by Hallelujah Chicken Run Band

OK, if we’re calling it musical time traveling today? We’re off to Zimbabwe in the 70’s this Monday morning! Got be one of the best band names of all-time, who play some of most joyful music and should be more well known too! I didn’t plan it this way but as far as I can tell, looking them up and it’s very hard to find very much info online about them at all, you know? Today’s song entitled Alikulila by the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band is the earliest song released back in 1974 as the A-side on their debut 7″ vinyl. Now you can easily find it on an epic comp album entitled Take One, it’s track listing number 9. Embedding the full album thanks to bandcamp yet again just below! I do hope you dig it, if you press play and listen to it!

Off course it’s now been awhile since the last one of mine SOTD posts, how many days has it been because I haven’t even looked this time? Oh well, does it matter or not? It’s only my third SOTD African artist/band today, so far it’s been Ata Kak from Ghana on the west coast of year 1994, then both Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté who are from Mali which is north-west of 2005. If we’re talking just the word “African” as song title? I’d posted African Mailman by Nina Simone too. OK, do I now go overbroad and link the not many or very few 70’s songs I’ve picked out, so far? This really adds up to fuck all really, almost all can be file under late-70’s punk/post-punk. My little list goes: Nico of 1970, Rowland S. Howard’s earliest band Young Charlatans of 1978, Essendon Airport of 1978/9 and Public Image Ltd. also from 1979. I guess, should ask? Does anyone care what African or 70’s stuff I’ve posted under SOTD in the past? Let’s see how long until my next SOTD post? Start your stopwatches right now!

One of the only full band photos of HCRB in the 70’s I can find!

Cheers! 🙂



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