Song of the Day: All Day Breakfast by Kelso

Who loves all day b’fast on Sunday’s or any day really but it’s Sunday today, you know? Well, if not it’s at least using that as the song title! After fucking about for a few days I’m back again with my next SOTD post! I’ve included all four songs or the whole EP just above, entitled Always A Godmother, Never A God released late last year. It’s really very/pretty short so see if you can listen to the whole thing? But it’s the third track that’s All Day Breakfast, if you can’t figure out what’s suppose to be the so-called song of the day? Kelso is a solo project by Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich who’s maybe more well-known as the bass player from Aussie indie rock back Camp Cope of Melbourne, linked here. When CC front-woman Georgia Maq when and make her bedroom keyboard solo album last year entitled Pleaser, linked here. Kelso released Always A Godmother, Never A God EP and if you really like/love this song or all these tracks? Even more of her own music can be found over here on her bandcamp page! So I was going to count up and back track to all the Aussie SOFD posts, like I did with last couple African and Kiwi posts but it was just too many already and then I did think, maybe should just do the Melbourne acts and came to the very same conclusion!

I think, Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich is on the right?

Cheers! 🙂

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