What I’ve Been Listening to in Oct. 2020

Happy Halloween everyone out there looking at this, here’s your tricks or treats with my music picks or candy! It’s also part or number ten end of the month post of 2020 today too! OK, I know this month been pretty shit for myself blogging but I’ve kind-of over loaded this post, I normally try to edit it all down or NOT embedded so much but I just have to included all these this month! Hoping you might check out everything if you’ve NOT already heard it? But I know you most likely don’t listen to everything I bang on and on about but please do try and check out everything this month, if you can? I might be wrong but really do think everything below is really wicked cool!

The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny by Mr. Bungle was only released yesterday but gotta be first release of this month post to be included because I never did think they would do anything ever again! Revisiting their trash metal early songs from around mid-80’s in a profession recording studio plus a couple of covers is pretty hyped so you’ve most likely at least know about it? These old songs do sound so much better than the shit sound they had, if you’ve listen to the original recordings so understand why do this! More news about Mike Patton projects: he’s said he’s just finished brand new Tomahawk album, no release date yet but guessing early 2021? Plus he’s working on brand new Dead Cross album and I can’t be the only one hoping now for Mr. Bungle album of totally brand new songs?

Niscitam by Blake Scott that’s Melbourne’s The Peep Tempel singer-songwriter-guitarist debut solo album with drummer Jacey Ashton, bassist Nick Finch and producer John Lee is also on synths. Maybe, it could be too early to say or even think about but this one of the albums I’m going to be naming in a couple of months time with my end of the year albums of 2020 post, yeah it’s really that great wicked! I think, the closing track Hillman Hunter is my fave song which, if you don’t know? a Hillman Hunter is an old car and also plus the landmarks he’s singing about are here in Perth W.A. where I live and known them well and it’s not over east where he lives, he real does know his stuff so now I’m wondering if Scott have lived over here at some stage?

Unknowns by The Dead C is my very fave Kiwi act who’s been around since 1986 and are back with totally brand album this month. I think, opening track Grunt Machine is my fave but that might be because it was release before the rest of the album as non-single so I might pick something else a little later? I love them to death but understand why most don’t get into them, anyway I know already this is going be one of my most very fave of 2020 tooo!

Shimmering Basset by The Green Child is Raven Mahon (Bridge Collapse, Grass Widow) and Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Ooga Boogas, Total Control, Moon Rituals etc.) second album. Their self-titled debut album from a couple of years ago and the duo was inspired by Herbert Read’s 1935 utopian, communist, sci-fi novel entitled The Green Child. Highlighting just one song, my fave because maybe you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing or something? So check out the second last track called Resurrection, if you can?

Curtains by Mikey Young yeah, that’s very same guy from the duo just above with now his third solo album! Steaming four songs and then just buy it you cheap assholes, if you want to listen to the whole thing? I don’t think it’s available anywhere else but you can buy it on cassette tape only, if you want a physical copy? Somehow he’s made his solo music even more minimalist ambient plus Raven guest saxophone on a couple of tracks also Alistair Montfort (The UV Race etc.) guests, guessing that’s the closing song?

Now some new old stuff re-released on Bandcamp! Former members of a band who I’m always going on about The Drones: James McCann and Rui Periera plus Aaron Cupples (Civil Civic) who was the producer of The Drones’ Gala Mill and Feelin’ Kinda Free albums. All three plays guitars on James McCann and Selfish Gene‘s self-titled release originally recorded in 2007, also it’s John Fenton (Crow) on drums too! James McCann leaved The Drones so early he wasn’t on any of their albums but he’s co-songwriter of This Time, linked here. He’s now upended a lot of his own music which it’s all dating from late 90’s to almost present on his Bandcamp profile, follow this link. Also his 2020 newest Melbourne lockdown self-isolating songs are being added to his soundcloud profile, follow this link. Plus as an extra special bonus over there right at the very end of that page they’re three old The Drones’ 1999 Liddiard/McCann previously unreleased tracks which would have be the earliest recordings by them I’ve found anywhere! Couple sung by James and only one is sung by Gaz which is the song entitled If I Could all are epic listening so totally unbelievable they’re NOT available anywhere else!

Now to one released album from last month Sept. but missed it then! It’s yet more members of yet another band I’m always going on and on about, it’s Tropical Fuck Storm’s singer-guitarist Erica Dunn and drummer Lauren Hammel with Amy Franz (Super Wild Horses) and Helena Holmes (Suss Cunts) which was formed/recording under Melbourne’s stage three isolation rules back in April this year: Infinity Slipper by Slippry Intrigue. The actually songs titles are: SIDE A 1. Opening Theme (1:47), 2. Karma Suture (4:09), 3. Keen 4 Sunscreen (3:34), 4. Mycelium Hwy (1:48), 5. Rat Pile (2:58) and SIDE B 1. Weevil Decided (3:27), 2. Plant Graveyard (1:33) 3. Mutilate the Bidet (1:52) 4. Don’t Die David (3:50) 5. Credits Roll (0:56). Released on limited cassette tape of only 50 copy’s which off course is totally sold out already!

The King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard released a whole pile of demos entitled simply Demos Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 which adds-up to some 28 tracks! Also they dropped news about the brand new studio album next month, simply entitled K.G. plus new song Automation with something about making/edited your own video clip or something? Yet another live album Live in Asheville ’19 was also released and yet another live one coming next month Live In San Francisco ’16 but I’m just linking their bandcamp profile here, OK? That’s now four months back to back that I’ve been featuring King Gizz in my end of the month posts which must be just getting a bit silly but I guess, they’re going to be back for next month’s post?

Live at The Tote by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding was recorded back in Jan. this year just before the shit hit the fan, you know what I mean? At the tail end of last year main singer-songwriter Craig Dermody after four/five years of nothing new got S&CW back together with yet another new line-up and released a brand new EP, linked here and playing east coast gigs ending at The Tote Hotel, Collingwood, Victoria playing new and old songs finishing the night with Metal As Anything cover Live It Up with Marcus Reichsteiner (The UV Race) is a total great reminder how wonderful live music was!

Aura by Moon Rituals are back! They were a duo from Melbourne, their debut self-titled was totally underrated but wicked amazing from a couple of years ago, linked here. They’re Sarah Hardiman (Deaf Wish) with Mikey Young, yeah that same guy again with like his third release in the last few weeks and now adding drummer Shaun Gionis (Boomgates). Yeah, it’s on 7″ vinyl if you want your own physical copy? Here’s hoping a second album by them is also in the works!

New Conflict Dream by Time For Dreams who are yet another duo from Melbourne, who’s names are Amanda Roff (Harmony, The Ukeladies, The Drones) and Tom Carlyon (Devastations, Standish/Carlyon, Dan Kelly And The Alpha Males) and their debut album was very underrated and wicked too, linked here. This is the very first taste from their second album which they’re saying it’s going to be having a 2021 release date!

Holiday Silewinder‘s brand new song called Twin Flames. It’s yet more indie pop by her which this does make it three months in a row for HS featuring in my little end of the month new stuff posts too! She’s saying she has been recording a lot so more music is coming soon, maybe it’s her second solo album?

My fave/the best cover of this month: RRH by Holiday Sidewinder, yeah that’s short for Red Right Hand originally by… do I need to say? Nick Cave & The Bad Seed in 1994. It’s been totally coveted into dance disco type of vibe, which you wouldn’t think that would work but it really does and I love it! HS herself has said she’s butchered it so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea?

My runner-up fave cover song: Poor Moon by The Green Child, originally by Canned Heat in 1969. Yeah, that’s even more Raven and Mikey but this time also has Shaun Gionis (Boomgates) yet again on percussion.

In third place cover song: OD’d in Denver by Bill Callahan & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy featuring Matt Sweeney, was originally by Hank Williams Junior in 1979. They released more than this one cover this month but this is my own fave! Here’s a link to their bandcamp, if you’ve not heard all of them yet? It seems to be a once a week kind-of thing for at least the last few now so we’ll see/hear how many they do together?

My fave brand new video clip this month can be this duet: Local NativesLemon featuring Sharon Van Etten. This is from LN Sour Lemon EP linked here oh well, at least their bandcamp is, if you want it on something else you’ll have to find it yourself? Like all most everything embedded here today!

Sharon Van Etten did have a brand new song all be herself entitled Let Go, this new track from some soundtrack and if you missed it? SVE also did released an old rare b-side, linked here.

Ending with a couple by Nick Cave, above song’s words are written by the man himself but are sung by some opera singer who’s name is, well I don’t know? The music done by Nicholas Lens, is from something entitled L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S. which the whole thing is going to be out on Dec. 4th. so this song entitled Litany of the Forsaken is the very first taste!

Finally Nick Cave has released the Euthanasia song, the totally brand new track which even more new than any of the Ghosteen albums songs from just last year, if you’ve not been keeping up with him? From the solo piano double album he’s releasing next month, can’t wait from that!

That’s a huge pile of stuff reco by me for you, did anyone listen to any or maybe all that or am I just wasting my time doing this blog?

After over 20 years Mr. Bungle are back, who is Trevor Dunn, Scott Ian, Mike Patton, Trey Spruance and Dave Lombardo (l-r) DL is holding the sword cutting everyone’s wrists!

Cheers! 🙂



    1. oh yeah Kev, it’s so lovely! got to see the whole film last night on the big screen and it was total pure magic! so really can’t wait for the album in a couple of weeks! Cheers mate 🙂

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