Song of the Day: All By Myself by Matt Walker

So here’s a song for your Monday morning, if you want it? Well, it’s the opening track from an album so yet again I’ve just included the whole album, if you wanna let it play or you can press stop? I love the whole album but I think, this opening song All But Myself is my fave from it! If you’ll like to know? It’s such a killer riff! Most likely someone you’ve never heard offf again? He’s an Aussie indie artist from Melbourne who plays blues slide guitar and I’ve embedded just above his debut solo album entitled I Listen To The Night of 1997. Walker credited the drummer Ashley Davis in small print on the front album cover, they have been playing together as a duo for years but mainly known as a duo with both of their names. Back in the late 90’s they must have had pretty great booking agent because as well as their own headlining gigs at pubs which was the best shows by them, then did get a huge pile of support or opening slots for tours with Dirty Three, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dave Graney N’ The Coral Snakes and biggest huge tour with the epic double bill of Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, I should really write a post all about that gig one day? The album includes a mix of originals and covers of old blues songs. I have wrote about MW and about this album once before a couple of years ago on my blog, linked here but hopefully not just repeating that here, maybe you didn’t even see that back then or maybe did you? Or did you maybe know his music already?

Extra bonus album because it’s been a kind-of longtime in-between drinks/posts! Matt Walker’s second album entitled Soul Witness of 2000 which I gotta point out the song written by The Triffids’ David McComb called Evil Feelings, track number nine which as far as I know McComb never recorded it himself because he passed away in 1999 and this was some of his last songwriting he ever did! Also track number two You Put A Spell On Me was also written by yet another great under-rated Aussie songwriter Dave Graney, I think he recorded it himself somewhere else later on and off course it’s the reverse of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins classic song I Put A Spell On You. I think, the rest are originals and don’t think they’re any covers? Walker as you can see on the front cover and in small print is joined again by the drummer Ashley Davies but it’s a four piece line-up this time adding Chris Abrahams (The Necks) on piano and Ken Gormly (The Cruel Sea) on bass. This album also did win an Aria Award, that’s like the Aussie Grammy award so it’s really totally pointless award show but nice of them to give him an award, I guess? If you want even more Matt Walker music, all his solo albums linked here mainly from the 2000’s and in 2010’s he formed a band called Lost Ragas which was a four piece band, albums linked here. Plus Walker has joined yet another great Aussie singer-songwriter Tex Perkins in various projects in last few years to play guitar for him so that’s briefly what he’s been doing since those couple of albums, if you wanna know?

Extra, extra super-duper bonus album: let’s just included the Lost Rags album of last year entitled This Is Not A Dream because I don’t remember posting it on my little blog before! Who knows if anyone out there really wants to listen to all three albums? Posted under something that’s suppose to be just a song, trying make up for not posting much lately, I guess? I really love and enjoy his music so sharing a huge pile of it today, if you want to check it out, it’s up tooo you?

OK, here’s a little outro about my bad blogging lately because it’s been something like four or is it five weeks? Since my very last SOTD post, all those posts linked here and must be the biggest gap in-between them? I’ve not been posting much at all lately, only a grand total of four posts last month and this one is the very first for this month! I guess, I’ve not been into blogging as much as I once was but I think, September was better blogging but still wasn’t daily! Will it every be daily again? Does it really matter? If you’ll like a little more explaining my internet has been a bit shit so not working very well for a while! I didn’t miss it much as I did think I would but anyway it’s most likely very boring to tell everyone all about it? So it’s finally fixed now so I’ll or if you’re still following me or whatever we’ll see if I can get back into it or not? Anyway hope you enjoy all today’s music, whatever you listen to even if it’s not embedded/posted by me above!

It’s b&w photo of MW playing his guitar!

Cheers! 🙂



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