Song of the Day: All I Want Is You by Poor People

Friday the 13th morning post today and am back after only four days! So soon, you might ask? Yeah, it’s yet more music you’ve never heard before, most likely? But it’s yet another fave of mine, more indie Aussie stuff with one of Erica Dunn earliest bands called Poor People of early 2010’s. Dunn has since then gone on to formed Palm Springs, MOD CON and Slippry Intrigue plus joined bands Harmony and off course, not forgetting Tropical Fuck Storm! Worth pointing out to everyone who’s looking at this post, that’s a free download from Bandcamp site, if you want to keep it yourself? But also pointing out it was original seven track release so one song is missing! I would have buy it if it wasn’t free, you know but I don’t know if anyone else would? This was self-titled which was the one and only album they all did together or do you called it a mini-album or EP because it’s only six/seven tracks? My SOTD is track number four All I Want Is You which is once again is my favorite all of these song, if you’ll like to know again? Track number seven was called Loser Blues can be found on their Soundcloud page so here’s a link to it, if you want to hear it?

I should really say who the three other members of Poor People are: Jonathan Chapple who was in mclusky and Shooting At Unarmed Men plus is also a member of Harmory too. Patrick Walker did an album in 2011 called Zombirds which BTW Erica does feature on this album singing one song herself called Beach Dream but mainly you can hear her doing backing vocals and guessing maybe, playing some guitar or something else? Pat now seems to be in a band called A Friend Of Mine and Lloyd Briggs is/was also is in High Seas Deep Seas. I think, remember something about one these blokes is Erica’s brother or are family in someway but forget who/what? That’s the Poor People band in a nutshell, linked all the bands all the members have done since then, if you wanna go clicking mad or something? Embedding all the six tracks from the PP self-titled release of year 2012 at the top of this post! To finish with, if you now really want more Poor People music? Here’s their 2009 single entitled Killing A Dead Horse which was the only other thing they did release, it did have a second song or B-side entitled Country Fair which is also missing on Bandcamp but it can be found on their triple j unearthed profile so here’s a link to it, if you want to hear it? Killing A Dead Horse song is also a free download too:

Poor People with smiley Erica Dunn is wearing the red jumper in the middle!

Cheers! 🙂



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