What I’ve Been Listening to in Nov. 2020

It’s going to be the very last one of these posts for 2020, lucky everyone this year is almost over! Still some pretty wicked music being released and these are my month highlights also including three that’s out early next month, I’m most looking forward too. So here’s my recommends for you to have a listen tooo:

Off course, most likely don’t need to tell anyone because most fans would have checked it out already? But this month top spot easy goes to Nick Cave for his Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace. That’s both the extended film as seen in cinemas with four extra encore songs which were Love Letter, Watching Alice, Cohen’s Avalanche and T.Rex’s Cosmic Dancer and finally then the double album released which is just totally pure amazing wonderful listening!

Also next month don’t forget we’re getting the Nick Cave written “opera” album entitled L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S. collaboration with Nicholas Lens with various singers singing NC words. That’s the latest track entitled Litany of Gathering Up to be released before the album drops on the 4th of Dec.

Appearance by Chris Abrahams that’s The Necks piano player solo album with so very beautiful couple of very long form songs!

Electric Guitar by Michael Morley that’s The Dead C guitar player with so pure insane guitar feedback type of thing but I love it!

K​.​G. by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard what can I say? Keeping it short, it’s so very Gizzy!

Luca by Alex Masas that’s the front-man of The Black Angels of the wicked great Austin, Texas indie rock band doing his debut solo album. Isn’t out until next month but I’m included it because I’m NOT doing one of these type of posts at next month but more about that at the end of this post. This album is dropping on the 4th of Dec. so if you’re looking at it a few days after posting this? It’s going to be already out then!

Excess and Expenditure by Ov Pain first of some songs/singles/videos for up coming releases. New Zealand duo is dropping new album sometime next year, no date yet, I think? But I can’t for it!

Fave video clip of this month: Romantic Notions by Mere Women which is something like the third brand new song in the last year or more? But finally release date of the brand new album which this is the title track also going to be the opening song. Isn’t out until March next year, they keep us waiting even longer!

Augie March’s Glenn RichardsIn the Court of the Cat King from his new solo album entitled FIBATTY! which is out on 11th Dec. so not so long wait for it. Recording all of it by himself with no band, down in Hobart or somewhere in Tasmania, where he lives now, at his home studio or something?

One of the three best cover this month, in my opinion is: Skeleton Tree by Ratso, that’s Larry “Ratso” Sloman who’s more well-known as an author than singer and yeah, it’s even more Nick Cave this month, originally the title track on The Bad Seeds’ 2016 album. Ratso at age 70-something he released his debut album only last year, you know?

The next best cover this month is got to be I Got You by Shihad originally by Split Enz in 1980. Comes from a brand new SE VA tribute album dropping next year sometime?

The last of the best covers of this month: everyone on earth knows by now AC/DC did released a brand new studio album, not much point including it in my little end of month run down I think? But did you know? TISM released a brand new 7″ single of AC/DC cover of For Those About To Rock, is the title track from their 1981 album. In true TISM fashion they totally fucking mess the whole idea of cover song!

Finishing this month with another Aussie band kind-of tribute to them with The ChatsACϟDC CD which is pretty fuckin’ funny silly song/video!

OK, that’s much shorter than last month’s epic long post! I’m calling an end to this set for this year right now! I’ve kind-of included three albums above I’m looking forward to the very most next month and I don’t know if much more for Dec. 2020 is being released? Oh, yeah The Avalanches‘ new album is also out then, might be good/great? So I will next month off course, be doing my own end of year faves list post/s! Maybe, might try to do some a few more posts too because I can’t say November has been a very good, it’s pretty bad blogging month for me, only a few posts but I guess, it happens sometimes like that? Hope you might have found something cool above you’ve dug?

It’s NC sitting in the dark, all by his lonesome as this month featured image artist which if you’ve not seen the film? It’s right the very beginning, back stage before walking to his piano!

Cheers! 🙂

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