Song of the Day: All The Same by Lizzy Mercier Descloux

Here’s Thursday morning song for you, if you wanna have a listen? Yeah, I’m back again so soon again and I’m on a bit of a roll now! I’ve said here on my little blog before I do love a bit of French Pop but I haven’t posted any of that in awhile but I haven’t post much at all lately! We’re going back to the 80’s, I always thought Lizzy should have gone mega-gangbusters back then but she died in the 2000’s still pretty obscure. Also we’re adding South African to the mix today, in 1983 Lizzy Mercier Descloux when to Johannesburg to record with local black SA musos. Could that be seen as a bit problematic in 2020? A white French woman going to Africa to work with black artists but Paul Simon, a white American man in a couple of years or after Lizzy when there and did the very same thing which was more successful and most fans still call his Graceland album his best solo album ever! I guess, you got to remember, the point for both artists and others doing something like back then was to try and help in someway to bring an end to apartheid ever if only by their using music. She even wanted to tour with the same musos on the album but SA government wouldn’t that them leave their country to go oversea.

Since then LMD has been reissued by the very cool American label Light In The Attic in mid-2010’s, they do have a very, very great track record of reissuing wicked great less well-known music so linking the album, if you do wanna buy it? That has a huge pile of bonus tracks, some of the songs sung in French and the English versions, the original album of 1984 was 12 tracks so going up to 17 songs track listing now. Here’s the full album to stream:

LMD smoking and looking too cool!

Cheers! 🙂



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