Song of the Day: All Done In by Plug Uglies

Back to ever more very obscure Aussie indie rock for this Friday morning! Who wants to have a listen? Dictionary says it’s a plural noun: plug-uglies a violent troublemaker or bully. Was an American Nativist criminal street gang, sometimes referred to loosely as a political club, that operated in the west side of Baltimore, Maryland, from 1854 to 1865 and here’s a Wikipedia about that linked.

Plug Uglies was an Australian band with a five pierce line-up which were active between 1985 and 1992 from Sydney, New South Wales. Very little is online about them, you know? All Done In song was first issued on mini-album called Knock Me Your Lobes and depending where you look? That’s very few places, it was released in 1988 or 1989, take your pick? Let’s say it was just late late-80’s. In 2005 very cool indie Aussie label called Laughing Outlaw Records released a self-titled comp album of everything they ever recorded. No really big names that when on to bigger things after or anything, they’re just really cool Aussie band unfortunately no one much remembers but I do and sharing them with you! Trying and do my little bit today and blog about them to see if they might just get some more listens or maybe even brand new fans! Hope enjoy them, if you pressed play? Here’s that self-titled comp album to stream too:

The front album cover of 2005 comp of PU tracks which is now out of print!

Cheers! 🙂


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