Song of the Day: All I Care About by Mankins

It’s Aussie late 70’s punk/early 80’s new wave I’m blogging about this Saturday morning, if you wanna check them out? Manikins was a band from my hometown Perth, Australia and it’s pretty amazing I haven’t done a post about them before! They were reissued in 2017 by Manufactured Recordings label of Brooklyn, New York. Embedding the bandcamp stream/player below, it’s a comp of everything they ever recorded from 1978 to 1981 entitled From Broadway To Blazes which has 30 songs on it. They’re most well-known, if you do know them? For their last song they released entitled Love At Second Sight of 1980 on 7″ single which that comp does have two recordings of that song on it. Today’s feature song on my blog All I Care About embedded above was one of the two B-Sides originally, it’s track number seven below on From Broadway To Blazes album too!

Manikins never signed to any kind of label, everything they put out back then was done DIY. Before they were the Manikins, back in 1976 they were The Cheap Nasties with Kim Salmon but in December 1977, KS leaved to form his new band The Scientists which I’ve blogged about him/them before. Manikins were Neil Fernandes on guitar/vocals, Ken Seymour on bass/vocals and Mark Betts on drums was joined by Robbie Porritt as lead vocalist. The most famous member was very briefly just the keyboard player who was Dave Faulkner, who played guitar and sung in another Perth punk called band The Victims but he’s most well known for Hoodoo Gurus, who hit the Aussie mainstream in 80’s/90’s plus they were very popular on collage radio in America too. If you’ll like to know? My own fave song by Manikins gotta be Life In A Microwave, that’s the third last song on this:

Manikins in the 70’s!

Cheers! 🙂

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