End of the Year list of Albums: 2020

Well, it’s that time of the year again and after so much fuckin’ about here’s what I think are the best albums of this year! Or at least that’s my own biased personal favorites in other words, I guess? Whatever you want to call it? Let’s just get straight into it, drum-roll please!

My 2020 album of the year: Blue Hills by Jonnine

Edit: Blue Hills is now on Bandcamp!

This what the front cover of Blue Hills‘ cassette tape looks like!
This what the front cover of Blue Hills‘ vinyl looks like!

That off course, is Jonnine Standish the HTRK front-woman debut solo album! If you have no idea who or what I’m talking about? Unlike almost every single release in 21st century at the moment of typing this blog post this album is NOT on almost any streaming sites! I guess, you’ll call it unofficial four of the album’s nine songs have been uploaded by different users to YouTube, if you wanted to listen to those four songs right now and here, I’ve embedded those below for you:

Official you can only buy your very own copy of it from very cool English label Boomkat which I’m linking vinyl edition, right here! Download Flac/Mp3/Wav formats there tooo! Original released in July 2020 on Boomkat Editions’ Documenting Sound series, if you have no idea what that is? This idea for the series was from that label was just recordings made during the months of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 with an invited selection of artists from different locations around the world which was released on the formats of cassette tape/downloads. Jonnine made volume 12 in that series at her home studio in Dandenong Ranges, a mountain range in Victoria, Australia. Then reissued in Dec 2020, just last week on limited edition color vinyl (blue) with a totally brand new album front cover too. That’s just a little background to the best album of this year or at least my own fave album of 2020!

My 2020 runner-up album of year is: Feral by RVG these Aussie indie rockers did win my mid-year fave album too, if you remember that far back?

The rest of my 2020 top ten are these eight below in order of kind-of release dates, NOT rated/numbered and really very lite on big huge name artists this year but it’s these artist’s albums are the ones I’ve been loving the very most so just giving to them! I’m giving you a recommending one track from each album, if you’ve not got time for the whole thing or something? Very brief artist bio too!

Prosthetic by Collector aka Jason Campbell from Newcastle, N.S.W. is an electronic musician (and skateboarder) his music has been described as experimental industrial techno. Start with Cracked Drain:

Three by The Necks are originally from Sydney, N.S.W. but are based overseas somewhere now, I think? They’re one of the longest running groups in this little list today, this is their 21st album. Start with Lovelock:

Summer Of The Loud Birds by Ben Salter is a Queenslander from the indie rock band The Gin Club now based in Tassie with his 5th solo album. Start with Digger’s Waltz:

Niscitam by Blake Scott is a Western Aussie Sandgroper from the indie rock band The Peep Tempel now based in Melbourne with his debut solo album. Start with Kalashnikov:

Unknowns by The Dead C Kiwi noise rockers are another one of the longest running group in this list, this one has been called both an EP and an album so as you can see/hear it’s in my “albums” of the year list. Start with The Field:

Shimmering Basset by The Green Child of Melbourne, Victoria and the second album by duo of Raven Mahon and Mikey Young. I only did discovered my fave song on this is a cover song original by Andy Kim of 1968, that’s the track Resurrection so start with it:

K​.​G. by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard of Melbourne, Victoria with their 16th studio album are most likely the biggest name in my top ten of 2020. It’s still start with Honey which was the lead single/video:

Luca by Alex Maas from Austin, Texas USA and the indie rock band The Black Angels with his debut solo album. Start with Been Struggling:

Here’s a few more in these sub-category’s!

My 2020 EP of the year: Rarities by HTRK

My 2020 soundtrack/score album of the year: ZEROZOROZERO by Mogwai

My 2020 reissue or old stuff issued album of this year: The Job by Use No Hooks

My 2020 live album (also music film or livestream) of the year: Idiot Prayer: Alone at Alexandra Palace by Nick Cave

That’s all the long players I loved the very most of 2020! Hopefully, I can get together a post of my fave tracks with stand alone singles, video clips, some album tracks I dig the very most plus even thrown in some the best covers of this year or something like that? Hopefully above you might find something you have dug or maybe even missed earlier this year?

Today’s featured image is Jonnine Standish, who you might have notice won my album of the year 2020 award show!

Cheers! 🙂



  1. You’ve included a lot of music here William! I really like Jonnine’s ‘The Tides Do That With Me’ and RVG’s ‘Alexandra’. I also love ‘Honey’ by KG & the Lizard Wizard, which I was already aware of. That song will be included on my year-end top 100 list. And Neck’s ‘Lovelock’ is a fascinating track that sounds like it could be on a movie soundtrack. I’ll give more of these songs a listen as time permits.

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