Playlist: Shortlist of jjj’s Hottest 100 Votes

So here’s my Friday morning post, if you wanna check it out? Could be titled it’s a little more mainstream. Even does have some hits of last year that I do love the vey most because that radio station is pretty much that now, I guess it’s not a bad thing? Off course, the largest part is made up by Aussie acts that some are on indie labels but Triple J radio does seem tooo dig. I think, I didn’t post all these songs last year so the rest are debuting on my little blog, can anyone tell which ones? Plus it’s also including my couple of favorite covers from Like A Version show too. I think, you’ll might already know all or at least a large part of them?

I waited to the very last day of voting a couple of days ago or so and posting this well after it’s closed so if you didn’t vote you’ve missed it by now, sorry! They do the countdown sometime before the end of this month but I don’t know really when? Maybe this coming weekend but more import, here’s yet another top 20 songs catalog by me of songs I dig from 2020! I don’t really have a very great record of picking track/s that end up in their final countdown, I’ve talked about that before in older posts when going this before but do love these so hope some or just one do make it somewhere? We’ll see, I think I might done a little better job this time around? All these songs was selected from their website list, planning to pick only one track per act but did kind-of broke that rule for one wicked artist because she rules! Embedded all the videos/songs below here:


THE AVALANCHES – Running Red Lights [Ft. Rivers Cuomo/Pink Siifu]

CABLE TIES – Sandcastles *

CARDI B – WAP [Ft. Megan Thee Stallion]

THE CHATS – Drunk N Disorderly

CXLOE – Zombie [triple j Like A Version]

FIONA APPLE – Under The Table *

GEORGIA MAQ – Pleaser *

IDLES – Model Village

JULIA JACKLIN – to Perth, before the border closes

TIRED LION – Waterbed *

THELMA PLUM – Body Do The Talking *

STELLA DONNELLY – Love Is In The Air [triple j Like A Version]

RVG – I Used To Love You *

RUN THE JEWELS – walking in the snow *






I’d marked the ten tracks I ended up voting for with a little * , if you wanna know? That’s the order their website put my shortlist in so I’d just cut and paste it here but I think, the very last song Honey by KG&TLW is my very most fave song on this list, if you wanna know? What do you think of my list this year of 2020 songs? I did do at the very end of last year, let’s say a little more indie list of my top 20 tracks of 2020, linked here which DOSEN’T have any of these songs above! Did you vote in Hottest 100? What did you wanna share your own picks with me?

It seems 3 J’s like caterpillars, this year!
After totally finish voting they gave me this!

Cheers! 🙂



  1. Lots of great songs on your list William (except for “WAP”, as I cannot stand Cardi B! I just don’t get her slutty and obnoxious appeal.) Anyways, “Honey” is one of my favorites too, and I really like “Cancer” and “Cars in Space”. Had not heard those two before, so thanks for turning me on to them. And of course you can’t go wrong with anything from IDLES. Phoebe Bridgers’ “Kyoto” seems to be on just everyone’s Best of 2020 list.

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    1. Oh well, i don’t think jjj listeners really agree with me at all yet again because only a couple from my shortlist which i didn’t even vote for in the end made the hottest 100, which was WAP and Running Red Lights plus Honey only got into the top 200 at number 137! Kyoto didn’t even make the 200 unlike everyone else best of 2020 lists, you know? i do love Megan Thee Stallion much more than CB but do dig both of them! The i don’t care what you think of me/us attitude and the women can whatever the hell they want, even if it don’t appeal you or everyone else is wicked by me and it did make it into the hottest top 10 in the end too! Anyway glad you dug Cancer and Cars In Space songs! i think, you might have picked more tracks on your top 100 tracks of 2020 post you did not that long ago but maybe should double check because i might just be totally making that up?? Cheers again mate 🙂

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      1. oh sorry, that was or i was asking if you picked more or any songs in your list post which did ended up in jjj’s hottest 100? but i don’t know why really? after listening to jjj’s hottest top 10 on youtube last night, it’s really not my kind-of music! i do remember a lot of your top 5 songs of year 2000 but forgotten them, thanks for reminding me! Cheers 🙂

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    1. oh well, i totally missed the whole thing this year but did listen to the top 10 on youtube last night and really it’s not my thing but i don’t know if it ever was? i think these are my very last jjj hottest 100 posts i will post on my blog so i guess that sums-up what i think about it, if you know what i mean?
      can i ask what songs did you vote for? do you remember which ones? wanna share? Cheers mate 🙂

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      1. Haven’t voted in a while. Wasn’t inspired enough this year either. In truth I think there is something fishy about how it’s put together. Do those who vote actually really consider what they think is a worthy inclusion? At the end of the day its all a bit of fun that gets far too much clout. That said, how about you and I think tank a rival countdown this time next year??!!

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      2. oh yeah, that could be wicked but i don’t know how we would do it? i guess, got a little while to figure it out but great idea, i will be into that so let’s do it! well, it’s a whole year away so it’s a lot of time really! you are dead right about it getting far too much clout and most likely very right about how it’s put together too! Cheers Robert 🙂

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