1. Thanks for the list, Will.
    I’d been wondering what Mr. Standish (and Tom Carlyon, which I now see has a “new” project called Time For Dreams) had been up to in the intervening years since they put out their wonderful record. My past digging wasn’t worth much, evidently.
    I too had the Teenage Snuff Film in CD and mp3 form already. Great record, if a bit short imo (not as short as Pop Crimes, though). Could’ve done with a couple more songs.
    I’ll be checking the rest of the artists, which were not on my radar for the most part.

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    1. Oh cool, glad you dug the list too! I’ve loved Time for Dreams since their debut album a couple of years ago, they have new album coming out soon but somehow missed CS + Kreme until Jonnine pointed them out here! Gotta love RSH reissues, anything to help for his solo stuff to get more well-known even if they’re a bit short as you say! I think, my most fave after those with a bit more time, listening again to everything on her list is Μετά Το Ρέιβ by Spivak who from Cyprus which is one of the last on the list but I think, like that one the very most but see what you think, let me know if you like once you’ve had a listen to everything?
      Cheers mate 🙂


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