Playlist: Mark Lanegan Top 11 of 2020

Off course, Lanegan has to pick an odd number of music of last year but really he can whatever he wants tooo! Sorry to say, ML brand new album Straight Songs Of Sorrow did just missed out on my own top 10 album list of last year but his book would easy be the best autobio I’d read last year! Have you read it yet? Should have posted something about it but haven’t, I guess maybe I still can? Anyway here’s all his recos of last year for anyone who’s interested, like me?

01. Regis — Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss

02. Service Animal / Crime UnitRAVE026

03. Bill Callahan — Gold Record

04. Mogwai — Zerozerozero Soundtrack

05. Hey Colossus — Dances / Curses 

06. Terrence Dixon — From the Far Future Pt. 3

07. Regis — Tongue Box 

08. Cindy LeeWhat’s Tonight To Eternity

09. Various ArtistsZero Is More Than Nothing

10. DumaDuma

11. Bristol PiratesDeath Is Not The End

I really do love his taste in music and have posted stuff he digs before here on my blog but what do you think about his taste in music? I think, both Mogwai and Callahan are my own faves because I’ve already got those ones and after that I think, it’s Duma self-titled album at number ten above I dig the very most. Also Lanegen sung on Hey Coloussus album, the track called The Mirror. This is also my last re-posts of these lists which these and all the rest can be found linked here, if you wanna to check out even more? I hope they don’t mind me borrowing these these three I’ve re-posted on my little blog?

To finish with today here’s three newest Lanegan’s songs which is his latest collaboration, one AIC cover and my most fave track from that album of last year:

Wax TailorJust A Candle (featuring Mark Lanegan)

Mark Lanegan & Maggie BjorklundNutshell (Alice in Chains cover)

Mark LaneganBleed All Over

ML is smoking!

Cheers! 🙂



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